Misplaced Odyssey Is Nonetheless One Of The Best possible Xbox RPGs Ever


  • Misplaced Odyssey remains to be regarded as considered one of Xbox’s highest RPGs ever, even after 17 years since its free up.
  • The sport combines components of Ultimate Delusion and virtual storytelling thru enticing novellas to create a novel and compelling gaming enjoy.
  • Misplaced Odyssey’s narrative, targeted round an immortal persona with a misplaced reminiscence and tragic previous, is emotionally complicated and resonates with gamers in quest of critical tales.

17 years have handed since I first performed Misplaced Odyssey. I remaining replayed it in 2020, throughout the height of the pandemic. I wished the facility of nostalgia to quell my apprehensive coronary heart, and I used to be reminded that this sport remains to be considered one of Xbox’s highest RPGs ever.

Misplaced Odyssey for the Xbox 360, evolved through Jap studio Feelplus, is a sport I recall to mind at all times. This amalgamation of Ultimate Delusion with a slightly of virtual storytelling thru enticing novellas creates a novel and compelling gaming enjoy.

Rewind It Again To 2007

Kaim gets angry in Lost Odyssey

Again in 2007, ravenous for a compelling JRPG, I made the transfer to the Xbox 360, which had an efficient monopoly on American releases of JRPGs, with video games like Everlasting Sonata, Stories Of Vesperia, and Limitless Undiscovery completely to be had at the platform on the time. In spite of by no means making an allowance for myself an Xbox gamer, the want to observe the place my video games went led me to this resolution (each Everlasting Sonata and Stories Of Vesperia would sooner or later make their approach to the PS3 and PS4, however no longer till later.)


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Right through this period, I eagerly received Misplaced Odyssey from Gamestop, yearning a sport that will shipping me to an enchanting international. Returning house from faculty categories, I powered up the Xbox 360, and it felt like stepping again into the magic generation of PS2 RPGs, albeit with the added attract of high-definition graphics. My preliminary come upon with Misplaced Odyssey proved to be spell binding, immediately hooking me into its narrative, harking back to the golden age of JRPGs.

It’s extraordinary to name Misplaced Odyssey a “trendy vintage” when it used to be an homage to the former eras of RPGs to start with. That is very true with its undying narrative, which targeted round Kaim—an immortal grappling with a misplaced reminiscence and a sad previous. The unfolding tale, set in opposition to a battlefield decimated through a meteor, radiated a pervasive sense of futility and depression.

Kaim’s palpable vulnerability and emotional complexity added intensity to his persona, resonating with me as a discerning gamer interested in critical tales. At the moment, I used to be a bit of of a tale snob, immersed in faculty and artistic writing categories, positioning me as a gamer in quest of one thing ‘high-brow’ (wanky despite the fact that that would possibly sound). The concept that of immortality, skillfully portrayed thru Kaim, resonated profoundly with me, pulling me deeper into the sport’s narrative.

Cooke and her brother summon magic in Lost Odyssey

What actually distinguishes the sport from others is its reliance on vignettes. As you embark for your journey, more than a few triggers unveil misplaced reminiscences inside of Kaim. Those temporary glimpses into his existence no longer simplest exhibit the individual he changed into and the way he navigated an international apparently out of sync with him but additionally determine an attractive rhythm in revealing Kaim’s previous. Each and every vignette contributes to the wealthy tapestry of his persona, resurrecting forgotten items of himself. Generally taking off with a scene or a personality encountered throughout his 1000 years, each and every reminiscence unfolds, detailing the individual, their existence routines, and the precise juncture the place Kaim crossed paths with them.

Misplaced Odyssey’s international is a spectacle, seamlessly combining fastened cameras and 3-d environments to craft breathtaking locales such because the beach kingdom of Numara.

Many reminiscences conclude with a somber reminder of the transcendence of existence. Whilst demise is an unavoidable facet of life, for Kaim it stays one thing he can not include. With each and every reminiscence unfolding, it seems like stacking layers of unhappiness upon one every other, offering a nuanced viewpoint on his silence with each recollection.

This is not to indicate that Misplaced Odyssey’s tale is continuously shrouded in doom and gloom. There are many moments that may make you smile and giggle as you embark for your journey. Jensen, a wisecracking mage who unusually doubles as a thief, performs an important and colourful position within the birthday party. His persona skillfully injects humor at issues the place discussions about mortality turn out to be a bit of overwhelming, offering a proverbial breather. Moreover, he serves because the antithesis to Kaim, the brooding protagonist, providing a refreshing distinction that aligns with the complexities of his persona.

Past Vignettes

Kaim runs into the temple in Lost Odyssey

Misplaced Odyssey’s international is a spectacle, seamlessly combining fastened cameras and 3-d environments to craft breathtaking locales such because the beach kingdom of Numara. The sport’s colourful towns no longer simplest really feel alive, with population enticing in quirky interactions, but additionally boast a grounded and earthy artwork taste. The palette is composed of wealthy browns and pronounced sunglasses of yellow, with brighter colours like the ones present in fellow immortal Ming’s get dressed adopting a muted, virtually watercolor tone. This planned selection in artwork course offers the online game a pseudo-realistic glance that remarkably holds up even if in comparison to trendy opposite numbers.


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The turn-based fight device, deemed archaic through some even again in 2007, used to be a refreshing throwback for me, amplified through the Purpose Ring Gadget that introduces a timing component to assaults. The Purpose Ring Gadget entices you to assemble and improve rings. Using them complements your assault stats, introduces added standing illnesses, and extra, offering precious advantages that come in useful throughout battles.

Ming looks at the party in Lost Odyssey

Managing 4 immortals to your birthday party provides every other layer of complexity, as you’ll be able to have 4 immortals to your birthday party. What makes them other is that they do not essentially include talents like your mortal opposite numbers. They are clean slates in tactics, which creatively displays their loss of understanding their pasts inside the tale. Which means that you get to pick out and make a choice which talents they be informed from their mortal opposite numbers. As an example, Sarah, who makes use of magic, would most probably paintings highest getting a mix of Jensen’s black magic and Cooke’s white magic, which inspires you to be informed and blend each and every teammate’s talents for optimum synergy.

Particularly, the sport introduces a balancing mechanism for issue through making grinding a difficult undertaking. At a undeniable level, the sport imposes a cushy block, proscribing the power to grind successfully and minimizing the ensuing enjoy issues, forcing you to strategize and method battles with higher tact.

“What You Are” Is A Vintage RPG

Kaim and friends ready to fight in Lost Odyssey

It all the time frustrates me that the Misplaced Odyssey soundtrack is not to be had on iTunes or Spotify right here within the states. No longer simplest is it an excellent soundtrack, however it options some of the heart-wrenching vocal tracks in JRPG historical past. Sung through Sheena Easton, “What You Are” encapsulates the essence of taking part in Misplaced Odyssey in a five-minute musical enjoy. I love to consider the tune being sung from Ming’s viewpoint as she slowly falls in love with Jensen, and it by no means fails to tie a knot in my abdomen when excited about it or taking note of it on YouTube. The finishing itself comprises a memorable second the place we witness each the wonderful thing about existence and the ache of loss culminating with an attractive blossom. I will by no means chorus from losing a tear when Sed, amidst little lighting floating like demise fireflies, whispers “momma.”

Within the coming months, as we listen about Microsoft making adjustments to their unique video games, I ponder whether, one day, others will be capable of enjoy this excellent masterpiece past an Xbox console.


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