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Up to now few years, I’ve fallen in love with exploration in video video games.

This mechanic is vital in video games like Outer Wilds or Subnautica. You’re dropped into the center of a global and are given loose reign to move any place, finding many surprises alongside the best way.

I need extra! On the other hand, suggestions for exploration video games incessantly come with entries I’ve performed but don’t imagine to be in the similar style. Breath of the Wild, Elden Ring, Demise Stranding… all video games I like, and whilst they provide you with a lot freedom, they by no means gave me the similar sense of exploration as with Outer Wilds or Subnautica.

I’ve been ruminating on why I don’t get the similar sense of exploration from those video games, and I believe I’ve in any case figured it out: it’s no longer simply exploration that’s required, but additionally the sense of discovery that makes those video games magical.


Via “discovery”, I imply going out into the sport to seek out stuff you did not know had been there.

Those will also be narrative or mechanical in nature. You may be told extra in regards to the global, ahead the plot, or get to the bottom of a thriller. You may work out the hidden regulations of a puzzle, a trick to open locked doorways, or the direction to stroll to keep away from an enemy noticing you.

What makes a sport have prime vs low discoverability? It’s all in regards to the participant’s wisdom of what you’ll uncover.

In a sport with low discoverability, you typically know what you’re going to seek out all over the place you pass. For instance, in Breath of the Wild, you knew that every house you entered would have enemies, crafting pieces, and loot. Positive, you don’t know which enemies, pieces, or loot you’d to find – however you hardly ever discovered one thing utterly sudden.

In contrast, a sport with prime discoverability has a big “???” on its map. It’s the unknown unknowns; what you could to find isn’t even one thing you should preconceive. What’s going to occur whilst you land on a brand new planet in Outer Wilds? Who is aware of!

(As an apart, prime discoverability will also be moderately disturbing if a sport seriously punishes you whilst you’re exploring. This side is performed to comedic impact in I Wanna Be The Man however in video games like Don’t Starve it incessantly feels unfair to die hours right into a consultation as a result of one thing you couldn’t have expected.)

Now, discoverability on my own isn’t sufficient to make an exploration sport. A linear sport (like What Stays of Edith Finch or INSIDE) has narrative surprises round each and every nook, however you’re no longer exploring such a lot as strolling a linear trail into a depressing, unknown wooded area.

That brings us to the second one key part to a excellent exploration sport: branching.


Branching is the selection of alternatives the sport gifts to a participant.

Sid Meier as soon as mentioned that “video games are a chain of attention-grabbing choices.” If you happen to had no alternatives, it might stop to be a sport – you might simply be gazing a video.

There’s a gigantic vary of what alternatives you give to avid gamers. Very similar to discovery, those will also be narrative or mechanical in nature. Perhaps you’ll make a selection which order you communicate to characters, which characters to save lots of from a monster, or what finishing you get. Or you’ll make a selection which path a personality strikes, how they try, and even the digital camera perspective.

A excellent exploration sport calls for some narrative or mechanical branching. If no longer, then you definitely wouldn’t be exploring the rest!

For instance, in Breath of the Wild, you simply select a path and get started strolling. The sport doesn’t cling you again! Distinction that with a level-based sport, like Tremendous Mario Bros, which (but even so warp tunnels) offers you little selection on how you can continue but even so strolling correct.

Onerous, Clinical Knowledge

As an workout, right here’s my non-public (i.e. subjective) discovery/branching scores on video games which individuals have mentioned are “exploration” video games that I’ve performed to finishing touch. The nearer the sport is to the upper-right quadrant, the extra discovery/branching it has.

Scatter plot of games, where the X-axis is "branching" and the Y-axis is "discovery." The upper-right quadrant are qualified as exploration games.

The higher correct quadrant is the candy spot I dub “exploration video games.”

Not anything about this chart is in regards to the high quality of the sport – as an example, Adventure is one in all my favourite video games of all time, nevertheless it hardly ever ranks prime in any respect as an exploration sport. Fairly, it’s with reference to whether or not the design of the sport provides me the nice feeling of exploration.


Clearly, which video games provide you with that grand sense of journey thru exploration is subjective. You and I would possibly charge a video games’ discovery and branching otherwise. However a minimum of now I’ve a framework from which to pass judgement on exploration video games.

Now, to get again to the purpose of this newsletter – are you able to assist me to find extra exploration video games? Go away ideas within the feedback beneath!

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