How to Turn off Sound on Instagram Stories (2023)

Instagram is the most demotic photo and video-sharing social media platform in the world. Instagram has a lot of features but one of the features of Instagram is Stories that’s the most popular. Every good thing has bad stories. One of the major trending problems is sound won’t turn off while using Instagram. This is the problem created by the Instagram bug. Instagram has not openly acknowledged the issue, but given how widespread it seems to be, it will likely be handled by a team of engineers as soon as possible. Let us discuss an efficient way to solve this topic.Turn off Sound on Instagram Stories

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Why Instagram Stories Sound Won’t Turn

Generally, any user of Instagram stories can control the soundtrack while using an Instagram app on mobile phones but there is a problem why is Instagram audio always on, even when it’s turned off?

Some Instagram users have faced that problem where it problem belongs to the mysterious bug that persistent noise despite attempts to silence it. Instagram Stories is a grab bag: some videos, some images, and some images with background audio. After that user can’t control the sound button for the audio to turn off.

How to turn off Instagram stories sound?

Every Instagram users ain’t face this problem, they can easily disable their Instagram stories sound turn off. To mute the sound on an iPhone and Android, you flip the switch on the side of the phone. Eventually, this problem has a lot of solutions and shows how can easily solve this problem efficient way by following those steps.

Re-Install Instagram App

Firstly, you go to your device’s App Store or Play Store and uninstall the Instagram app. Then, you must reinstall this app. After that, you log in to the Instagram app with valid your personal data. After successful login, you check the sound issue you had faced.

Use Volume Button


When you enter any reels of Instagram, you can easily sound turn it off via the volume button. For this method, you need to find out volume button of your device. After that, You will continue to reduce your sound until the sound mode is silent.

Use the Silent button on Instagram stories

In that case, you need to go to any Instagram reels of your account. Then, you select any reels that you want to watch. After clicking reels, you show that a sound trace button show on the surface of the reels. By clicking reels, you can easily turn off your Instagram sound.

Report to  Instagram

Whenever you are unable to resolve the issue by following these methods you can try reporting your issues to Instagram. Therefore, you need to follow this instruction below which gives you the ultimate solution.

To Follow :

  • First, you need to open your Instagram account.
  • Then go to your Profile.
  • after that, Select the menu bar icon on your profile Top right corner.
  • Then, select the Setting option and click to Help.
  •  Tap to Report a Problem.
  • Finally, Write your issue with details and press Submit.

Therefore, you find the optimized result of your issue within hours.

In Summarize

We really hope you discovered our article on how to silence Instagram stories sounds helpful. There are no other straightforward ways to turn off sound on Instagram Stories except this.

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