10 Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian/Small Publishers

Do you need a list of the Best CPM ad networks for small/Indian publishers?

Tired of getting scammed by new ad networks that offer fake promises on higher CPM rates?

Well, If your answer is yes, You are the luckiest person in the world. Because I am going to give you a list of the best CPM ad networks for small publishers. Well, When it comes to monetizing, We all prefer Adsense over any other ad network. But there are some situations which make us try some other ad networks. Some of the problems would be:

1. Your Adsense account is banned. We all know, How strict is Google Adsense. Many big publishers have sad stories when it comes to Adsense. I have seen many bloggers including Ammar Ali from AllBloggingTips banned from Adsense. So he started using Infolinks for monetization.

2. Don’t like, putting all eggs in one basket. Sometimes, we get a thought ” What would happen If my Adsense account is banned when I reach 99$ ? “. Yes, that is correct. As a Blogger, you should think like that. We must never depend on one revenue source. That’s why we need to try other ad networks.

Well, there are thousands of reasons to choose other ad networks and leave Adsense. But it isn’t about that. This is about some of the Best CPM ad networks for Indian publishers. If you wanna try some other ad networks, This list is the best suited for you.

Best CPM ad networks for Small/Indian Publishers


We haven’t given it a position number as every publisher gives Adsense the first priority when it comes to monetization.

Adsense is the undefeated streak when it comes to CPC and CPM networks in the industry.

Adsense doesn’t have any traffic requirements. All you need is high-quality content and some domain age to get started with Adsense.

The minimum payout of Adsense is $100 and they pay via direct bank transfer.

1. Revenue Hits


Revenue Hits is one of the Best CPM ad networks for small publishers and the most popular network that works on CPM, CPC, and CPA formats.

Revenue Hits is really a fantastic network for tech bloggers who are blogging about Android, Downloads, and tech news as all their ads are based on technology.

Revenue Hits offers instant approval which means your blog can get approved within a minute of submission.

Revenue Hits offers many ad formats like Banners, Pop-up, Lightbox, Interstitials, and Floating banners. You can choose any format you like. According to me, z Banners work best as they won’t affect user experience.

Revenue Hits is a CPA-based network which means you will get paid once if anyone makes an action on the advertiser’s website. Actions include Subscribing, Downloading, and more.

The minimum payout of Revenue Hits is $50 and they pay via PayPal and Cheque for their publishers.

2. Tribal Fusion ( Not really good for small publishers )

No doubt, Tribal Fusion ( now Exponential ) is one of the best Adsense alternatives ever.

But sorry for including this network in this post as this network is not suitable for small publishers or low-traffic blogs, But they provide the highest CPMs in the industry.

The minimum requirements of Tribal Fusion are very large and almost look impossible for small bloggers. Your blog needs at least 5,00,000 page views a month, which can only be achieved by high-authority blogs.

The minimum payout of Tribal Fusion is $100 and they pay via PayPal, Check, and wire transfer.

3. Infolinks(monetag.com)


Infolinks is the king of Intext ad networks with higher CPM rates in the industry.

At first, I thought that Infolinks was only good for big and medium publishers. However, I came to know that Infolinks approves small blogs, as I have got approval for my blogspot blog which doesn’t have a huge number of visits or posts. So this network can be considered as one of the Best CPM ad networks for small/Indian publishers.

I have seen publishers who told me that Infolinks pays as much as $7 for 1,000 views. But I won’t support it fully as I have only got $5 CPM for one of my tech blogs.

Here is a detailed Infolinks review for publishers which helps you in deciding whether to go with them or not.

4. Popads


When I started this blog, I had no idea ” How to monetize my blog “.

I applied for Adsense and got rejected due to content issues. So I started monetizing my blog with Popads.

I have got awesome rates with this network. They pay a minimum of $1 CPM for their publishers. At the same time, you have the capability to ask $2 guaranteed CPM by changing the minimal bid in as code settings.

Popads approves almost all types of blogs including adult blogs, as long as they have no connection with illegal activities/drugs, etc.

There are no minimum traffic requirements to get started with this network. The minimum payout of Popads is $5 and they pay daily via PayPal for their publishers. That’s why Popads is one of the high-paying CPM ad networks for small publishers

5. Propeller ads

Here comes a serious ad network that offers competitive rates in the industry.

I have used this network and got good rates for my blog. Propeller ads won’t approve some blogs. But they approve most of the blogs instantly.

My blog got approval in 2 minutes from Propeller Ads. So you should understand its capability of taking care of its publishers.

Unfortunately, Propeller ads stopped providing banner ads for their publishers, as advertisers aren’t willing to spend on Banners.

But they have popunders ( up to $7 CPM ) and direct native ads to make some more money with it.

The minimum payout of Propeller ads is $100 via cheque.

6. UberCPM

Well, I haven’t used this network for more than 2 days because of some issues with ads.

That doesn’t mean, their ads contain viruses or malware. They only display an ad about a mobile application, until the publishers keep their ads for 3 days on their websites.

That means All publishers should place their ad codes for at least 3 days for full optimization.

UberCPM has an easy approval system and they approve blogs with lesser traffic too.

Many Bloggers said that UberCPM offers attractive rates of $7-$10 per 1000 views, But I won’t support this statement paying $10 CPM is hard for new companies.

Anyway, UberCPM is also a good Adsense alternative and one of the Best CPM ad networks for small/Indian publishers.

7. Chitika


Chitika is the first network that strikes our mind when we get rejected or banned by Google Adsense.

The only thing I didn’t like in Chitika was ” They only show one ad displaying Teaching related content “. If you are a tech blogger, no one is going to click on that advertisement. So you can’t make money with Chitika easily.

At the same time, Chitika offers low CPC rates when compared to other networks like Infolinks and Revenue Hits.

But, Chitika is the best-suited network for small publishers as they don’t have any minimum traffic requirements and the minimum payout is only $10 via PayPal.

8. Ad-maven


Ad-maven is the largest popunder network which has 15 years of experience in the industry and delivers over 5 Billion impressions a month.

I like the support team of Ad-Maven as they offer E-mail support which gives you replies in minutes. But sometimes hours depend on the availability of the staff.

To get started with Ad-Maven, you should submit your blog and they will approve your blog automatically. But keep in mind that after you place the ad codes in your blog, they will review your blog and may stop displaying ads, If your blog doesn’t meet their requirements.

The minimum payout of Ad-Maven is $50 via PayPal. Ad-Maven is really one of the Best CPM ad networks for low-traffic blogs and small publishers.

9. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad networks founded in 2002 and one of the best CPC ad networks for small publishers.

Bidvertisers pay via CPC and CPM methods and there have many formats like Banners, Pop-ups, and Popunders for monetizing our blogs.

They pay lower rates, But they never scammed anyone. The minimum payout for Bidvertiser is $10 via PayPal.

10. Ayboll

Here is the first native ad network in the list and the last ad network in the list.

Ayboll is one of the best alternatives to Taboola and Outbrain which are the largest native ad networks in the industry.

Getting started with Ayboll is really easy, All you need to do is sign up and create widgets for your blog. Adding those widgets to our blog is really easy.

The minimum payout of Ayboll is $100 via Paypal. I don’t know anything about rates, as I haven’t tried it personally for monetization.

Ayboll is one of the best CPM ad networks for low-traffic blogs and a good native ad network.

Why we haven’t included many other networks

Many Bloggers write blog posts like this one.

They give a title like ” Best CPM networks for small publishers. “. You should observe that the title contains the word ” for small publishers “.

But they include ad networks which won’t give easy approval.

For example, they include ad networks like Media.net

Media.net offers really competitive rates for their publishers. But getting an approval is hard sometimes. Your blog needs so much traffic from the US, UK, and Canada and some high-quality articles to get approval from Media.net

That’s why we haven’t included many other ad networks in this list.

Some other networks include:

1. Rythmone

2. Conversant media

3. Poptm

Wrapping Up

This is the list of Best CPM ad networks for small/Indian publishers. This list is not in order. So give all the networks a try and choose one of the best networks that suits your blog. Also, give feedback about this post through comments.

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