zbigz Premium Account For Free Updated

In this day getting free account is getting so hard. And spam everywhere. But I made this new website to give free zbigz account to all. No spam account, No Survey, Nothing that hard. Just follow This quick steps and you can get the user name and password

You can download Torrents With maximum speed with  zbigz  premium account. And good thing is you can download using IDM or any other download manager

Features of Premium Account

1. Download Torrent with the full speed (maximum 36GBPS Speed )
2. Download files without any kind of limit
3. No Speed loosing
4. Resume Supported Download
5.You can Download anytime at any speed resume

How to use Zbigz Premium Account

1. Open zbigz Website (https://zbigz.com)
2. Log in with given login information (look down for user and pass)
3.Add torrent link or predownloaded  your torrent file 
4. It will start downloading to the server and it will take one minute or 2 (depend on your file size)
5. Download file with IDM or any others Downloader  🙂

 *****Do No Delete others file.We are all brothers . Peace!******

**Please Do not change the password. Think a little about others to. Use and let others to use****


Zbigz Premium Account User And Password


***Click Hear to see how to get the user and password****

Note: We get little amount of money using this link shrink. Just skip those adds. This method also help us to stop spammers and bad guys. Whoever can take 1 minute to skip those adds, he can also enjoy this 9.99$ premium  account for free. 

This is not spam| Hear is proof
Fill out the contract form bellow if anyone change the password 
Your one email and we will change the password in minute
24/7 We are online
Skip 9 times bro, It’s for stooping scammers and bad people :-# it’s the only way to stop them 8-)
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