Why Tracking and Website Analytics is Important

Ongoing reporting and maintaining website analytics is crucial for a company to determine if their website is producing and what direction they should be heading to either improve it or to better capitalize on its performance. To ensure that our client’s websites are performing and will achieve their targeted goals, Smart Solutions assesses a variety of factors, such as: keyword rankings, page views, average time on-site, bounce rate and conversions.


Next, we follow this wash, rinse and recycle implementation strategyfor proper tracking, reporting and adjusting:
  1. Set up a baseline for website reporting, which allows us to compare and analyze the ongoing effectiveness of our recommended web marketing strategic plan.
  2. Implement recommended strategies
  3. Let some time pass for the components of our plan to come together
  4. Measure and analyze plan results
  5. Tweak and make adjustments to plan
  6. Continue to wash, rinse, and recycle components to make each one stronger and overall website strategy successful

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