Which type of short video marketing should I choose?

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    More and more enterprises to join the short video marketing, however, there are many types of short video, choose the right type of short video marketing, enterprise fruitful, of course, there are many enterprises, in the first short video marketing when they chose a wrong type, which can lead to spending the money, but did not achieve the ideal effect. Then, how should enterprises choose the category of a short video when conducting short video marketing?

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    Different industries determine different types of short video marketing, such as short video for the real estate industry, while many FMCG products, such as drinks and snacks, are more suitable for the form, and many heavy industries usually use the form of corporate image display film. Is there one type of short video marketing that is applicable to all industries? The answer, of course, is yes.

    Propaganda film production rise time is not short, but really popular, it is nearly two years. Work pressure is big, the amount of information increases, let more people begin to return to original simplicity, the pursuit of the origin of life, and publicity video, is the most plain, the most real emotional display.

    Why is a promotional video applicable to short video marketing presentations in all industries? Because the promotional video is a real display, not only will be conducive to the most real side of the enterprise to show the audience, enhance the credibility, at the same time, the promotional video is also an emotional expression, easy to arouse the resonance of consumers. No matter the story of the enterprise or the dribs and DRBS of the enterprise development process, the propaganda video can better attract the attention of consumers, because the propaganda video is not direct propaganda of the enterprise, but some examples to show the brand and culture of the enterprise to consumers.

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