What is the best WordPress plug-in for optimizing a blog’s pages for mobile views?

Google is a smart search engine because it focuses a lot on mobile optimisation of the websites.

And that is the reason why google has implemented mobile first indexing in its ranking algorithm.

Source: Digital Nishant

If you want your website to optimize for mobile views then there are three main things you have to fix on your website:

  1. Use a lightweight and responsive theme

Choosing a lightweight and responsive theme is a must because google is now focussing on UX (User Experience) more than ever.

And if your website doesn’t load fast or is not properly visible on mobile then google will throw your website like a stone from its rankings.

2. Use a Good Hosting provider

A good host is also necessary because if don’t have a good hosting provider then your website would load like a tortoise

And Google doesn’t like it, especially in mobile devices so if you want to increase your mobile views then a good host is necessary.

3. If you can’t then use AMP

At last, if you can’t afford a good hosting or a lightweight theme then there is an option which is known as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

It is a framework made by Google in order to fix the mobile responsiveness issue.

You can use AMP: For WP plugin which I personally use to load my website fast on mobile devices.

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