Website Traffic: How can one get 10K visitors on a blog daily?

There are two ways you can get 10K visitors daily on your blog : 

1. Write Content with SEO in mind : It will take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. It took me 18 months. I didn’t write for few months. If you do it regularly, you will easily reach 10K visitors. Point to be kept in mind is SEO. 

2. Make a website with contents like Buzzfeed, Viralnova, Distractify and promote it via Facebook Ads. Make sure your WordPress theme has good way of sharing the content.Believe me 10K is nothing once traffic start coming in from Facebook. With great surprising and amazing stories being shared on Facebook, your servers might crash with the amount of traffic coming in. 

You have to spend some money for few time on 2nd method. Create a Facebook page. During your promotion, you will be getting thousands of likes as well on your page. Once promotion ends, those few thousands people will be enough to share your content and bring you great amount of visitors. 

Choose any one of the two and start right away.

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