Top Methods To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive Quickly….

‘How to remove shortcut virus ?’ is a question which comes in the mind of almost all windows PC users. Generally, in this issue, our PC or pen drive gets infected by some malicious program and as a result , all of our files and folders are changed into the shortcut files and original ones got hidden, this malicious program is generally known as Shortcut virus. If your PC or pendrive is affected by it then all of your files and folders will be hidden and you will not be able to use them which is absolutely not good. This virus spread from one computer to another like viral through pendrives,flash drives, memory cards exchanges or through internet/Bluetooth connections. The most common virus found in removable drives is autorun.inf which keeps on multiplying and infect your system by creating unlimited shortcuts of files and folders.
I believe you must have ever faced this weird situation when all of your files are converted into shortcuts and you don’t have any chance to recover your files. Right ? Even I came across this situation when I had no option to remove shortcut virus from pendrive and PC , then I researched about it on internet and found amazing solutions that worked like charm. Today I am going to share with you how you can recover your windows PC, pendrive and laptop from shortcut virus.

Types Of Shortcut Virus

There are two kinds of shortcut virus in windows which windows users generally come across.
  1. File and Folder Shortcut Virus

    This shortcut virus is common for most of the windows users who don’t upgrade their antivirus programs for some reason or if they are not using them.
    Shortcut virus in pc
    Files and folder shortcut virus has a tendency to replicate all of your files and folders in your pendrive or PC/Laptop in to shortcuts and make your original folder and files hidden and not accessible. This shortcut virus can lead you into serious problems as it does not leave any way to open your original files by clicking on the shortcuts. It is not suggested to click on any of the shortcut file and folder because as soon as you will click on it, the virus may start duplicating itself to its multiples by executing malicious scrips in the background that can steal your confidential data as well.
  2. Pen drive Shortcut Virus

    pen drive short cut virusPen drive, memory cards or flash drive shortcut virus are trojan and can cause a very serious harm with your computer. It is always advisable to use updated antivirus in your PC.
    It appends each file and folder in your removable devices and put them in one hidden folder and creates a shortcut executable file (.exe) of your removable drive with the same icon and name. It will leave no other option other than clickin on it and once you will click on it, it will execute malicious programs in your PC to steal your personal information and to spy your activities.

Remove Shortcut Virus From PC Pendrive Flashdrive

How To Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD ? [Method 1]

If you do not wish to install any other shortcut virus remover application , then you can simply remove shortcut virus from your PC/laptop or pendrive by using a command prompt (CMD). Even if you are a non-techy person then also you can easily remove shortcut virus from your pendrive or PC by following the CMD tutorial.

Steps To Delete Shortcut Virus By Using CMD:

  1. Open command prompt (CMD). (Go to Run >> type CMD >> Hit enter )
  2. Type the drive letter of your removable device and a colon after it and hit enter. (Eg: g:)
  3. Now type: attrib g:*.* /d /s -h -r -s . (Replace g: with the drive name of your drive)
  4. Hit enter.
remove shortcut virus by using CMD

Remove Shortcut Virus Using Shortcut Virus Remover Tool [Method 2]

If you do not want to waste your time in commands or you are not a tech savvy guy, then you still have option to remove shortcut virus by using software that will eliminate virus on the go. I have personally tried this tool and it worked like charm . It will automatically removes all shortcut files and folders and recover your original files and folders and it will not even ask you to do something manually. It is the quickest and easiest way to delete shortcut virus from your pendrive, computer or laptop.
  1. Download the tool from the below link. It is less than 1 MB

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