Top 10 ways to increase your new blog visitor!

The site is fairly good amount of traffic to your website, and I wonder if there is new. The purpose of our site is made for AdSense or affiliate marketing. And all of us more or less means that the Google search engine is trying to bring to the visitor. The goal of our site is trying to rank keywords and hope to get out of there current. Tips for those who have developed their new website today, and their blogs are not getting the desired current. So let’s do not start increasing.
1. Content Is kim thing seems familiar to you, is not it? Well the old saying, but I want to remind you all again. You need to write quality articles and blogs posted on the affiliate will pay. So that your article will be the visitor can learn new things from you. The density of keywords when writing the article and the article word count note. For example, your writing will be the subject of “how to improve your mountain biking skills” So when you write on this issue to try to give the maximum amount of information bhisitaradera. Contortions as much as possible, but you can not cry, do not mean a big drag on your article. Maintain the keyword density at the time of writing the article, such as, for example, writes in the article 700 of the ward where the use of your main keyword identical minimum of 3 times, and he will use 3 to 5 times with the phrasal keywords. Having your main keywords, such as “how to improve your mountain biking skills” as well as in the phrasal “tips to improve your mountain biking skills” “improve your mountain biking skills” can be used to dissolve. (I just gave an example).

If you have good quality content on the site, then you will be able to index your blog will be overnight, and it will be listed in search engines and blog visitor will come.

II. Yes, you heard right karuna submit your blog to search engines to submit your website to various search engines. Because a lot of time for unknown reasons no one dekhajaya Google does not index your blog if they find your site very soon it will be indexed.

How? If you would like to submit him to go to Google, and Bing will be here to do this. If you can try too straight.

3. Social seyara your site on various social media shares, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Every time a new blog post, it will come, and you will share your phyanapeja phyanapejake groups will share. You will increase your blog visitor.

5. When a new post to your blog post karuna Internal link Internal Linking pay to make sure there will be a long time visitor to your blog etekare. Your blog as “oyetalasa” and related posts there are “10 is the way to lose weight,” the same type in your blog post if there is no other linkaapa it was his. Your visitor will then post it to your blog, and it will help to reduce baunsareta.


6. Likha Meta description Meta description for your site, where your keywords when writing the note is. Add your site to search engines etekare post or give more prominence than others, and you can easily rank.

7. It may be of different types, such as kara Backlinks blog kamenantim, etc. Article Marketing. At the present time to backlink to keep in mind that you will be

The Authority is taking the site from which the backlink.
How is the index pages.
How domains and pages Authority.
PR PR sites or pages (pejaryanka) How.
Do-follow or no-follow.
The most important thing is the backlink to your site is related. Take the example of backlinks to your blog and you are related to meditate electronic related. If so, you are at the top of the well, or it will not benefit sabagula rules were backlink. Maybe temporarily, but long-term benefit to the losses will be much baradharanera. Google uncle irilebhenta backlink to your blog can be a manual penalty charges. Be careful when taking the backlink is no longer just the day without backlink rank you will be arriving. And yes, “Content Is King” of course remember this word.

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