The following websites may help you research cell phone signal strength in a particular area.

When choosing a cell phone provider you need to know how good the coverage will be in the areas from where you will call the most. While some may be able to trust commercials that claim that networks are everywhere, the reality is that in some rural areas, coverage may be poor or nonexistent. Plus, even in cities, there are “dead zones”, places where you are unable to get a quality signal.

The following four sites may help you decide which cell phone provider you should use based on quoted coverage maps and user discussions. While these sites may provide a good starting point for company research, note that due to weather and network conditions, your signal strength in a particular location may vary. lets you search for cell phone coverage comments and where cell phone towers are located. Ratings are tabulated by location, letting you see at a glance the carrier that site visitors claim has the best coverage. There are also links to online coverage maps from some of the major carriers. lets you browse a map or search by address to find cell phone complaints and praises for particular carriers. Comments include where cell coverage has been great, where calls have been dropped, and where people have to stand by the window to get coverage. Users can add their own comments by double-clicking on the map. also lists coverage reviews based on location and carrier. Users are encouraged to comment by a “Top Users” list that states the most frequent posters. There are also links to cell phone company-related news articles. offers coverage discussions for the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Locations are marked on a map based on signal strength bars and colors, with a skull designating places with zero coverage according to a commenter.
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