Take two of the most popular paid apps battery saver bharsanaphasta charging the battery with a 70% praryanta save.

Allah’s mercy, I’m fine, how are you sabaiasakari achenaamio all well.

So yes, if you like, but if you do not share the information we have, we do not have the justification huabara mind.

Tenasanatabe little to say about the phone if the battery endroyeta kaisala resort is charging the regular backup, but more than a little to save yayaendroyeta charged on the running apps in the background charged kareara lose this app is for backup, use the phone’s charging am plestora explored many apps available in the app etc today I’m bringing with him two, maybe two people to use the app for your phone Rooted paricitaei be naayapa two full paid version, so you do not have to worry about paraphomensa.

  Contacts app.

Since then, the two apps are designed around the same catch and less customization bara.

App 1- Du Battery Saver pro Limited Edition.
App II Battery Saver pro Mooded.
Two completely new version of the app.
Fully paid.
Save 70% battery guarantees.
Background apps close saves charges.
The phone is optimized.
Nijasba profile in the facility.
Such a charging system.
CPU speed limit can be.
Bustim phone.
Many of the widget.

There is much more to this app detained BNP leader. Daunalodakrtatai 50 million over two apps just will not say anything new versions of apps that try to see at least once.

Download form here….

1/First app— Download
2/secend app— Download

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