Take a nice chat tool for your Blogger blog (ii)

Before that, I had another chat tool, by which members can interact with edaminadera. Find it here. At the end of the episode and said that the next phase would have a public chat tool. Now, it said.

The gadget features

1. Anyone can see no message.

II. You can delete the deleted messages.

3. Randham can be customized.

4. Is this look somewhat

Well, I hope you’ll see it on your blog.

The first cyatarole open an account, please login. Now click on Create a new chat-. Enter your chat name. If you continue to get a code. Copy. Now go to your blog dashboard layout. Preferred paste the code from there. See the blog.

And if you want to see it as a page, then go to Pages open a new page and paste HTML code and save mode. If you want to add menu pages can then URL.

Cyatarole Now go down again to continue. If you want to customize the settings.              

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