Six ways to keep your cell phone's battery running as long as possible.

Is your cell phone battery losing power constantly? Have you ever had to stop using your cell phone in the middle of a call because the battery died? Here are a few tips you can use to conserve your cell phone battery’s power:

* If you know you’re traveling to an area without coverage or with only spotty roaming coverage, consider turning off your cell phone. Your phone can use a lot of power trying to find a suitable network, although some phones may stop polling after a while to try to reduce this battery hoggishness. One other option if you need to use your calendar, notes, play Angry Birds, etc. is to put the phone in “airplane mode” where all communications are stopped yet local apps should still be usable.

* Unless you need it at a particular time, turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and syncing (if applicable for your phone), as keeping these options running continuously will drain your battery power due to the constant communications.

* Turn down your cell phone’s brightness. While many cell phones have an “auto” setting, you might find it useful to disable this and manually keep the brightness down low, but to a level in which the phone is readable. One caveat, however, is that turning this feature off and setting the brightness down low may make it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to use the phone if you move to a very sunny or bright area.

* Turn off background applications! While it is nice to be immediately notified every time you receive an e-mail, when someone posts on your Facebook page, or when a friend sends a tweet, these constantly-running applications may constantly poll the network, eating up battery power. 

* Limit your usage of non-voice features such as web browsing and playing games. Taking photos can eat up battery power in several ways – keeping the screen on so you can frame your photo, and using the on-board flash. And when you’re done with these apps, completely close them (and don’t plan on re-opening them for a while asconstantly closing and re-opening the same application may actually use up MORE power).

On Android, checking the “Battery” settings on Android can help you find out which applications are using the most of your precious battery power. 

* Obviously, the less you talk, the less battery power your cell phone will use. If your battery power is low, try to limit your conversations until you can get to your home phone (if applicable) or until you can plug into a car (if you are the passenger, not the driver), wall, or portable charger. A quick text message (AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT DRIVING, WALKING, ETC!) may work well in letting the recipient know you will get back in touch soon.

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