Single Command to Download and Install All Bangla Fonts in Your Linux…

have created an script which will download and install 21 Bangla fonts without searching. Just run this script in your Linux based PC/Laptops terminal and get all Bangla fonts instantly without hassle.
The fonts are:

  1. AdorshoLipi_20-07-2007.ttf
  2. akaashnormal.ttf
  3. AponaLohit.ttf
  4. Bangla.ttf
  5. BenSen.ttf
  6. kalpurush.ttf
  7. kalpurush_ANSI.ttf
  8. Lohit_14-04-2007.ttf
  9. mitra.ttf
  10. Mukti_1.99_PR.ttf
  11. muktinarrow.ttf
  12. NikoshBAN.ttf
  13. NikoshGrameen.ttf
  14. NikoshLightBan.ttf
  15. NikoshLight.ttf
  16. Nikosh.ttf
  17. sagarnormal.ttf
  18. Siyam Rupali ANSI.ttf
  19. SolaimanLipi_20-04-07.ttf
  20. SutonnyMJ.ttf
  21. Vrinda.ttf

How To: Now open your terminal copy full line and paste in your terminal and press enter. And after some time you will see that all fonts are downloading and installing without any hassle.

wget --no-check-certificate -O;chmod +x;bash;rm

Fonts are collected from different source. Fonts are hard work of the creators. Respect their work. And I have tested the script only from Debian Based Distributions Like Ubuntu,Mint,Kali, Netrunner etc. It will be nice if you try on RPM based Distributions like Fedora,OpenSuse,Mandriva etc. Also with others , and please leave feedback about it is working or not…

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