Shuttle + music player $ 3.90 worth of great music player, the player needs to use, how to understand it (last update 30Apr 2016)

Again appeared in front of you, you’ve got a new tune niyeasa After bhalalagabe opportunity to thank you for giving me the tune.

As the younger brother, I think Admin forgive any mistakes.

I’m starting to tune.

Today I bring to a music player, which will be good for everyone gyarantiple Store at a price of $ 3.45.

latest + premium version !!!! (20April 2016)

Player to listen to music very vital role in the well is not rakhepleyara listening to music is fun, and is not paid naabara again have peace of mind if the player is not available. So, considering all aspects of the elamabyabahara you see this player.

App name: Shuttle + Music Player.apk
size: 5mb

The Play Store’s rating 4.6 / 5 How well you understand the meaning.

Let’s look at some of the Feature ninah

You can browse all folders ekasathe dissolve.
Song I know I can add to the playlist.
This feature allows you to play songs -Drag n drop is seen at the PC.
Kataksana can set the music stops.
Sundara lock screen.
You can -Tag edit.
Phonera and two times the sound can play loud music.
Iccha equalizer edit as you can.
Aneka UI is beautiful.
-lyrics search did not like

Try to have a lot more features.

 Download link: click here
(N.B Download Download To check mark at the bottom of uthaye click the Download)

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