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Since 2002, Smart Solutions has helped clients with expert SEO services to fine-tune their online marketing strategies for improved organic search rankings. Two recent successes:

Top 3rd Ranking Attained – When GlasWeld became our client in 2010, they were ranking 54th and stuck on page six for their most sought after keywords: windshield repair kit, glass repair kit and headlight restoration kit. Within 16 months after executing a concerted SEO strategy, they moved up considerably to rank in the top three on page one. Success in SEO has also allowed their company to enjoy 83% more unique visitors and 189% boost in general web traffic.

Huge Boost in No. 1 Keywords – California Stools, Bars and Dinettes became a client in 2010. Their objective was to own keyword phrases supporting their specialty. Within eight months, they blew past their competition by ranking No. 1 for more than 361 keyword phrases. But their success didn’t stop there. After another seven months, they enjoyed premiere No. 1 ranking for 487 keywords.

Unlike other firms that may consider SEO tactically, we are an SEO services company that considers SEO strategically. We provide comprehensive SEO help that is:SEO Strategies

  • Founded on industry best practices, in-depth training and knowledge—and proven techniques 
  • Based on competitive analysis and keyword research and site analysis
  • Verified through disciplined tracking and measurement
  • Designed to grow and build momentum over time.

SEO has become one of the most important forms of marketing available because it exposes businesses to the greatest amount of potential customers with the ability to track their behaviors. 

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