Secure Shell (SSH) – What and Why ?

Before using a Secure Shell tunnel for its advantages, always remember to learn the basics; i.e. knowing the very definition of Secure Shell Network itself. SSH is a network protocol which provides an encrypted connection. It is a program to log into another computer (e.g. the host) over a network.
When logged into SSH network, the entire login session including the transmission of the password is encrypted; almost impossible for any outsider to collect passwords. Compared to the Telnet remote shell protocols which send the transmission, e.g. the password in a plain text, SSH was basically designed to replace Telnet and other insecure remote shell with encryption to provide anonymity and security through unsecured network. In short, it provides a much safer environment for browsing.
Another advantage of using Secure Shell tunnel is to use it to bypass the firewall; therefore, accessing blocked websites from the ISPs. It is also useful to access several websites which blocked any foreign access or from certain countries. While using the Secure Shell tunnel, the client’s IP will be changed to the host’s IP; giving the client’s IP access to the regional-blocked websites. Connecting to a host closer to your location is recommended to increase your internet connection’s speed.
Now, all those advantages are ONLY the ones you can find around the internet. Bandwidth and speed limitations and host/server locations are the most common drawbacks for free SSH providers; enquiring their users to pay for a premium account for unlimited bandwidth, more server locations and better connection’s speed.
What about us? FastSSH provides you with PREMIUM account; at no charge, no bandwidth limitations, multiple server locations, and high-speed connection, and many more as follows:

FastSSH features: 

– Private Account

FastSSH allows you to use your own username as part of your SSH account with the following format: username) ; allowing you to easily remember your own account.

– Unlimited Bandwidth

Use as much as you need. FastSSH servers are providing unlimited bandwidth for users; allowing you to download/upload huge files with better speed.

– Create Account Anytime

Need a new account to try different server? Forgot your password? Simple. You can create a new account ANYTIME with a max. of 3 accounts per-day.

– Ultra Fast Servers

Need a better download speed? Or your upload speed isn’t promising enough? FastSSH provides a high-speed connection to users; TCP and UDP protocols available. The closer you are to the host/server you use, the faster you’ll get for your connection’s speed. Try test it out!

– Multiple Servers

With various servers ranging from US, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia, FastSSH offers complimentary better connection speed for many users from around the world in various locations at the same time.

– Multiple Ports

FastSSH provides different ports; allowing you to choose which ports are best for you and/or you usually use. FastSSH provides the two most common ports for SSH network: Port 443 for Dropbear users & port 80 for OpenSSH users.

– Unblock Websites

As mentioned on the introduction above, FastSSH provides you with a full access to blocked websites by your ISPs. Now you can surf any websites you want. Anytime and of course: at liberty.

– Multi Devices

Smartphone users? No worries! You can use any of FastSSH servers with SSH clients on your smartphone. Tons of SSH clients are available such as JuiceSSH, SSHDroid, or ConnectBot. Check out your smartphone’s online store for more information on SSH clients for your smartphone.

– Other services

Not only providing you with PREMIUM SSH accounts, multiple servers and better connection’s speed, FastSSH provides many other online tools such as Free proxies and Squid proxies. Should you need any other features, just let us know and we may provide it for you as soon as possible.
Interested in FastSSH? Don’t forget to read the terms of service before you use any of our servers. Try it out and don’t forget to send us your feedbacks! FastSSH – Providing High Speed SSH Servers; Absolutely No Charge.

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