Repair a Leaky Seal on a Fridge Door

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While you shut your fridge door, does a virtually suction-cup-like seal shape, or does it slightly keep close? If the rubber seal across the perimeter of the fridge or freezer door—often referred to as the gasket—doesn’t are available touch and hook up with the interior of the refrigerator, it implies that chilly air is most likely escaping. It won’t appear to be a large deal, however your fridge or freezer should paintings more difficult to stay the meals inside of cool, this means that upper power expenses for you. 

However this doesn’t essentially imply you wish to have to shop for a brand new gasket. If there aren’t any visual cracks, tears, or holes, you might be able to restore your fridge seal as an alternative of changing it. Listed here are two easy strategies to check out.

repair your fridge seal

If you’ve discovered that your fridge or freezer isn’t sealing closed correctly—in all probability after taking this one-minute take a look at—there are two easy steps to take that would finally end up restoring your gasket again to operating situation: Cleansing it, and making use of silicone grease.

Blank your fridge seal

One of the crucial not unusual causes a fridge or freezer is leaking air is as it’s grimy. When different dirt, crumbs, and thriller liquids shape a movie at the gasket, it might probably save you a company seal with suction.  It doesn’t appear to be someplace that are meant to be coated in meals spills and stains, however you’d be shocked what finally ends up and round that strip of rubber.

Right here’s my fridge seal, as an example:

dirty white refrigerator seal gasket

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

And from the highest:

dirty white refrigerator seal gasket

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

There was once an opening at this nook of the seal:

finger pushing white refrigerator seal out of groove

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

It appeared a lot worse earlier than I wiped clean it a couple of months in the past, however it has gotten slightly dirty since then.

You don’t want any particular provides to scrub your fridge gasket. Get started by way of filling up a bucket with heat water, and upload a couple of squirts of liquid dishwashing detergent. Then, dip a rag or sponge into the answer and wipe off any stains, spills, or different gunk from the rubber gasket, its folds, and the spaces within the refrigerator that it is available in touch with when the door is closed. Use a toothbrush or different small scrub brush to take on harder stains. Dry any spaces that you just washed, and check out remaining, then opening the fridge door.

Right here’s mine post-cleaning:

clean white refrigerator seal gasket

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

Although my fridge seal wasn’t very grimy initially, after wiping it down, the seal were given noticeably more potent. 

Rehydrate the seal

Fridge and freezer gaskets are generally fabricated from rubber or an artificial selection. Over the years, they may be able to begin to dry out, combating a good seal from forming. So, when you’ve already wiped clean your gasket and it’s nonetheless now not sealing up to you’d adore it to, rub some silicone grease—often referred to as plumbers grease—into the rubber, then buff it off with a blank fabric. I used Harvey Plumber’s Tap and Valve Grease ($5.68 for one ounce tube).

silicone plumbers grease on white refrigerator seal gasket

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

If any corners or edges of the gasket have come free, use a cotton swab to use some silicone grease underneath rubber, then push it again into position within the groove.

cotton swab applying silicone plumbers grease on white refrigerator seal gasket

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

Yet one more time, from the highest:

clean white refrigerator seal gasket

Credit score: Elizabeth Yuko

Some other folks recommend the use of petroleum jelly as an alternative of silicone grease to rehydrate a fridge gasket, however keep away from doing that if you’ll. Petroleum jelly motive rubber to wreck down, and in contrast to silicone grease, it’s now not water-resistant.

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