Recover Deleted files from PC and Mobile Upto 500GB

When accidently your file is deleted on windows,you don’t need to worry because there is a way to recover those file from windows PC.

recover deleted files

When any file is deleted from your PC, its contents aren’t immediately destroyed from Hard drive. Windows simply marks the hard drive space as being available for use by changing one character in the file table. If you manage to start an undelete process before Windows overwrites that part of the hard disk with new files. You can set that flag back to “on” and get your file.

The file can be lost by any of the below possibilities

  • The file was mistakenly deleted by you or someone else
  • The file was corrupt and deleted by scan-disk or antivirus.
  • Another program deleted the file.
  • The file is password protected.
  • You format the hard drive by mistake

Now you can easily Recover your deleted files from your PC, Mobile, Memory card, External Hard drive, Etc. We are going to show you the some easiest way to recover your deleted data even you can also recover the data from formatted hard drive also.

Easeus Recovery software: 
Easeus is recovery software which allows you to recover your deleted files from your PC, Mobile, Memory card, External Hard drive, etc.EaseUS Data Recovery does an amazing job on disk data recovery, format recovery, unformat, deleted files recovery or lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown reasons when the data loss disaster strikes, especially when you want to recover data from formatted drive. This data recovery tool provides the most comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users to recover lost data.

Steps to  use the Easeus Software to Get back your deleted files

  • Download the Easeus Recovery Software by Clicking Here
  • Now install the Easeus Recovery software on your PC
  • After Installing the Software run it
  • Now select Data Recovery option

recover deleted file

Now you have three options to choose

  • 1: Deteted file recovery
  • 2:Complete REcovery
  • 3:Partition Recovery
    recover deleted file

Select the option from 3 of these from which you want to recover your deleted files

  • After selecting your option select the types of file which you want to recover like :  images, music, videos, docs etc.
  • Click on next button
  • Now select the hard disk partition from which you want to recover your files
  • Click on next button

recover deleted file

  • Now it will take few hours to recover your file
  • After completing process it will show you the deleted files
  • Simply select the files which you want to recover and click on next

  • After that one process will run and your data will recover

Now done you recover all those which will be accidentaly deleted by you.

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