Received My First Adsense Payment [Via Bank]}

It is all raining money on me in this week. This week I have got two payments – one is fromDailyInstaller and the another one is from Google Adsense. But the payment that I’m exciting about is Google Adsense Payment. Because this is for the first time, that I’ve got any payment from Google Adsense. So, this post is all about getting my first payment from Google Adsense.

It has been more than three years I have been blogging on btecho and I had got rejection from Adsense on my first apply. After setting custom up domain on my blog I got Adsense Approbation on my first apply and till now Adsense Account is going fine. On 26 October 2015 I got my first payment from Google Adsense.

At the very beginning of this month October I had reached the Payment thresholds (100$) of Adsense for getting paid through Bank. Actually beside my first experience Adsense Payment through Bank is very new in Bangladesh. Google introduced Bank Wire Transfer for Bangladeshis at the very end of the year 2013. And for the first payment Bank Account holder may need to submit some additional document to verify the payment.

Few months ago I selected Wire transfer to bank as the form of getting paid from Adsense. On Oct 21, 2015 Google Adsense send me 100.50$ to my bank account and in their mail they told me contact my Bank if I don’t get my payment within the next week…

Adsense Payment Receipt:

Google Adsense Payment Receipt

I was so excited that I cant wait for a week to see that whether the money has entered into my Bank account or not. Actually I had checked my account several times but the money was not reached to the Bank Account. I went to the Bank on 26th
of Oct and I had anticipated, the money was reached to their 
remittance section but to deposited to my account.

And bank ask me to submit necessary documents to verify the transaction. I mailed them the above shown Payment Receipt as the verification document. And you wont believe that within the 20 minutes of the verification, I got the message of the money deposited to my Bank Account.

Bank Wire Transfer Rate:

Normally Google don’t take any Free or Charge for the Wire Transfer. But the money send to the Bank account was 1$ less according to that day’s currency conversion rate. I don’t know the reason for what this happened…

  • Google Send 100.50 = I should get 7850.66 TK
  • Actually I Got 99.38 = 7763.63 TK
However the experience of getting paid my Adsense Earning through Bank Account was easier and hassle free. And my Bank said that from the next payment I won’t have to verify anymore, If there is no compliance issue arise.
The way Adsense paid my earning was excellent. Oh.. such a big post, I tired of writing, hope you are tired of reading. Hope it will works as a inspirational guideline If you are waiting for getting paid from Adsense for the first time. Good Luck.

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