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Hello friends, today I am sharing QQ player tricks. QQ Media Player is free software that helps you play videos and audio. There are many features in QQ player. It is support computer, laptop, android and IOS devices. So, you can enjoy watching videos on your small screen device. You can downloadfree from QQ player official page.

Follow the QQ player tricks:

Converting Video and audio:
QQ player has a simple and easy user interface. You can easily convert video, audio and movies into many formats. Convert it to the following formats: MPG, FLV, AVI, WMV, MP4 and also others formats. At first play video in the QQ player then see the below setting toolbox click it. Now follow the convert option. Then you set to make personalized settings to convert video and audio quality. Now press the start button and the software starts converting video in a high speed and save it in your computer.
You can convert music to AMR and MP3 format. QQ Player is one of the most important free software that supports converting HD videos and movies.
You can screenshot from video by QQ Player and you can save on your computer. There are three types of capturing video shots. At first play the video and pause the video when you want to capture image. Now pressing the camera icon then a widow opens in front of you containing all the settings used for saving images. You can change image saving path and identify image extension (JPG, PNG, and BMP), now you can press OK. Then the program starts saving the image on your computer.
Create Gif animation:
You can easily create Gif animation by QQ player no need Third party software. Run QQ-player on your computer and play the video from which you want to capture Gif animated image. You can identify and set animated image run. You can also identify the time range between 1 to 10 seconds of the animated image. You can also control the image size. Then choosing your settings, press the “save” button and the program cuts a GIF animated image quickly and save it on your computer.
Splitting and cutting video:
You want to cut a single song from a full movie? No matter you can easily do it by QQ player. You can control the video quality by the program low, medium and high. At first run QQ player and play the movie you want to cut a part from. Now pressing the Splitter icon then a widow opens in front of you containing all the settings used for saving video.
Now click on Split tool you will see some new options on the player. Then also select the start and end point of the video moving the line back. Now adjust the video then you have to click on preview option to preview the video. When preview adjusting and satisfying from the preview then click on save button.
Compressing Video:
You can easily compress large size movies by QQ player. It provides an effective tool forcompressing videos or movies. You can import movie or video files from your computer and minimize their size with the option to save them again in different formats. Such as MPG, MP4, FLV, WMV format. Now you can keep more free space on your hard disk or memory card by compressing all your video files using the QQ Player video compressing program.
Transferring Video Files to IPHONE:
If you have an IPhone and you want to transfer videos in easy and fast by QQ Player. Transfer video file by using WIFI technology no need to connect your IPhone to your computer using cables. QQ Player provides time saving solution for transferring your favorite videos or movies saving them on your IPhone.
The program runs very easily. You should have an IPhone device with the QQ Player HD installed.You can download these apps from the Apple store. It is available free downl
oad and you can then use a computer or laptop supporting a WIFI connection.
Then running the QQ Player program and use the video tools by pressing the key icon on the program interface. You can choose the transfer tool. Now click the icon, the program starts contacting your IPhone device using WIFI technology. When the connection process is successful, you can transfer videos or movies files from your computer to IPhone very quickly.
Transferring videos, movies and others also works with other Apple IOS devices. You can transfer your favorite song to your smart mobile IPhone by a WIFI connection. If fail to contact your IPhone, you should make sure installed QQ Player HD on your IPhone.

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