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Phone Farming: Is it a good way to make passive income?

Phone Farming: right or wrong? Are you looking for ways to earn a passive income online? Phone Farming may be the right option for you. I read about this concept Reddit and can actually make you a decent sum of money.  Curious what phone farming is? Read on and find out if this money making with phone farming is the right one for you. What is Phone Farming? Phone farming is a method of making passive income by using idle smartphones. All you need to do is collect cheap but good quality android phones and download specific apps on them. Running these apps on your phones can help you earn money. There are two kinds of apps that can make money for you – 1. Video watching apps These apps allow you to watch videos on repeat and run advertisements between videos. Viewers are rewarded points, which you can later redeem for cash or gift cards with popular retailers. 2. Data collection apps These apps pay users to collect their data, such as what apps you have downloaded on your phone and how you use them, your location, and demographic information like gender and income status. You can download these […]

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