Pearl Lam Talks to British Artist Sam Cox, AKA Mr Doodle, About Discovering Love, Exploring Area, and Enticing a New Era with His “Graffiti Spaghetti”

World gallerist Pearl Lam has just lately interviewed British recent artist Sam Cox, referred to as Mr Doodle, for an episode of The Pearl Lam Podcast. The episode, to be had at, used to be launched to mark the hole of Mr Doodle’s extremely expected solo exhibition ‘Mr Doodle in Area’ at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong.

Mr Doodle has grown an excellent Instagram following of just about 3 million fans, and is understood for remodeling doodling right into a recognised and celebrated recent artwork shape. The exhibition invitations audience to enroll in Mr and Mrs Doodle as they shuttle via quite a lot of whimsical worlds in area, and notice if they are able to make it again to DoodleLand sooner than Mr Doodle’s evil dual, Dr Scribble, eradicates doodles from the universe.

The artist, who calls his paintings “graffiti spaghetti”, says his purpose has at all times been to create a common doodle language that everybody can relate to. He additionally has a real-life Mrs Doodle, child Doodle and Doodle Canine who all are living in his hand-painted ‘Doodle area’ in South-East England. When requested about his ambitions for the longer term, he stated he would really like to “doodle a complete the town”.

For Pearl Lam, the exhibition marks a milestone in her dedication to selling leading edge inventive expressions. She stated: “We’re delighted to provide ‘Mr Doodle in Area’ at Pearl Lam Galleries. His charming and kooky creations will shipping audience into a global of creativeness and beauty, demonstrating the transformative energy of artwork.”

The exhibition might be on display at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong till the 20 th January, 2024. Be told extra about Mr Doodle at

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