Mozilla Firefox – Misc Missing the Title Bar? Menu Bar? SUMMARY: Two quick tips to add the title and menu bar back to Firefox.

Those who have upgraded to Mozilla Firefox v29 may be in for a surprise with the new Australis interface, making the browser look more and more like other browsers such as Google Chrome.

If you don’t like the changes, the following two tips can bring back the menu bar as well as a title bar to the application:

Firefox 29 with a title and menu bar in Windows 7

Menu bar:

Pressing the Alt key temporarily brings up the menu bar. To keep it onscreen, select “View” – “Toolbars” – “Menu Bar”.

Bring a menu bar back to Firefox 29.

Title bar:

1. Click the menu button at the top-right of the Firefox window, selecting “Customize”.

Customizing Firefox’s display

2. A “Customize Firefox” tab opens. At the bottom-left, click the “Title Bar” button.

3. Close the “Customize Firefox” tab.

Adding a title bar to Firefox

This tip was written regarding Firefox v29.0 running on a Windows 7 box. Features, instructions, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.
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