Mortal Kombat 1 fart talisman continues to be one of the best ways to cheese Invasions

One among Mortal Kombat 1’s large attracts is Invasions mode, a seasonal task the place gamers can struggle remixed kombatants and strong bosses to release a host of in-game chocolates. Your combatants in MK1’s Invasions have a wide variety of particular powers, and a few of them can really feel downright unfair. Developer NetherRealm Studios tries to stability Invasions’ problem via giving gamers some superpowers of their very own. One of the crucial fatal, however under no circumstances silent, is a capability referred to as Windbreaker that we could warring parties go a poisonous inexperienced fuel.

Windbreaker has change into some gamers’ go-to approach for cheesing Mortal Kombat 1’s toughest Invasions bosses, together with Titan-class variations of Basic Shao and Baraka.

Actually, right here’s a up to date video of a participant taking down Titan Shao, aka The Konqueror, just by ripping a pair screen-filling toots:

Windbreaker doesn’t generally cloud all the display with a fart cloud as proven within the above clip. The participant accountable, Reddit person abeta_94, used dozens of in-game pieces to improve their Windbreaker talisman’s injury, measurement, and choice of fees. In most cases, it’s a lot more modest in quantity.

However even a normal-sized Windbreaker fart can take down a tricky variant like Invasions’ present season boss, Bloodthirsty Nitara. Right here’s a video of contemporary MK1 addition Omni-Guy ass-blasting Nitara into submission with Windbreaker:

Exploiting Windbreaker to defeat Mortal Kombat 1’s most disturbing Invasions demanding situations has been occurring for months — ever since gamers found out the Windbreaker talisman in Shang Tsung’s Lab and simply how a lot over the top injury it does.

Windbreaker has additionally change into a viable technique for farming XP in Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasions, which generally is a massive grind.

And only for kicks, right here’s each Mortal Kombat 1 personality from the sport’s base roster the use of Windbreaker.

For Mortal Kombat enthusiasts who don’t wish to lodge to deadly farts to cheese the sport’s bosses, many also are the use of the Struggle Horn talisman to nice good fortune. That merchandise we could gamers summon a military of pint-sized Barakas to take bosses down on the knee. It additionally fills the display with spears, leading to some severe slowdown if spammed perpetually.

You’ll be able to see Struggle Horn in motion within the video beneath.

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