Make the Single name on Facebook

Facebook generally does not give freedom to a single name. But Indonesian Proxy use, we can easily do this. But why the PC is required. Or a PC with a PC may not be to everyone’s a little expensive. For all the Proxy may not work. That is why the new Proxy ‘to google for. Java is also the same way. He is also Google. Many people do not know that. Android phones are now for everyone. How about your Android at the single name

It is with ???

 4 ফেসবুক নেইম Single করে ফেলুন
2 ফেসবুক নেইম Single করে ফেলুন
3 ফেসবুক নেইম Single করে ফেলুন
Yeah, now I’ll teach you the methods. In this work, the need for a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Its links are provided below. Download and install. Then, if you set the Background Data Restrictions Take Off. After the data connection on the One Click VPN (link below) and am on. Proxy and there are 100 countries, including the name of the list you will see. From there, click on any of a proxy under Indonesian click on Connect.

3. Remove Facebook Single Name

Enjoy writing down the Home button is pressed to minimize any browser login to your phebute. Then settings> General> Language Day at the Bahasha Indonesia. Facebook then you will be in Indonesian language. After visiting the Nama Umum Pengaturan & Privasi going to click on. After all dissolve at the first box on the box just like to clear the name of a just wrote. For example: Faisal save the password. After diyedina language English UK. Diameter, finishing work. Now there was a single name in your name.

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