Ultimate Guide to Make Money From VPS

Make Money With VPS | Method You Never Heard Before

Make Money With VPS New Trick

Make money with VPS, today am going to reveal a totally new method that I have developed. This method lets you earn hundreds of dollars and this method only required a one-time setup and some investment.
In order to earn money with VPS using this method, you need to invest a little but don’t worry it will give your money back within a month.
  1. Domain (.com is preferred)
  2. hosting
  3. VPS
I am quite a bit sure that you have never heard this method before. So now moving to the method that how to make money using VPS.

Step 1: Buy Domain and Hosting

First of all, you have to buy a domain and hosting. The cost of wp hosting varies from company to company. There are various domain and hosting service providers you can go for any of them some are listed below. These are the cheapest but trusted.

Step 2: Buy VPS

After getting a domain and hosting then you have to buy windows VPS. The cost of a VPS server depends on the configuration and varies from company to company.  These are a few sites listed below that provide quality windows VPS. I have listed from the cheapest to the highest all these are trusted. I am recommending your Linux server because it is easy to use and handy.

Step 3: Apply for an Ad network

Install WordPress on your domain. Write 10 quality posts on any topic of a minimum of 300 words. Copy and paste from anywhere. But I recommend you write it on your own in order to get approved by the advertising company. Try the first one Yllix if you don’t want to go into the headache of approval.
  1. Pop Ads ( Best rates )
  2. Adcash
  3. Pop Cash
  4. Exo click
  5. AdHexa

Step 4: Drive traffic

Now download and install Hitleap on your VPS server. Set visiting time 10 sec. Add the URL of your post you have written. Run the program on the VPS. It runs all day and night without any interruption. HitLeap not working for getting traffic go to the link below and try new websites.

Step 5: Collection time 

If, those sites give a minimum of  $3/1000 impressions. One day contains 86400 seconds. So if every visit created by the software you installed on your VPS is of 10 seconds. You got 8640 impressions per day. That means 3*8= 24 you can earn approx $24 daily. $168 a week $720 a month. This is the minimum amount that you can earn through it.
I hope you guys earn thousands of bucks from it wishing you all the best. If you have any queries about that then let me know.

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