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In this article I am going to show you how to make money with adfly. Making money on the internet is not as easy as we think but adfly make it so simple and easy that everyone can earn from it even a 6th grade student can earn from adfly and make some living. Now the main question is what is Adfly? Adfly is basically a URL shortener website that pays you for shortening links. Let me explain in detail, when you shorten any link in adfly and paste that link on facebook, twitter or any social media sites then whenever a visitor click on that adfly link it will open a page now there is something interesting when the page loads the visitor will see ads on that page for 5 seconds and after 5 seconds the visitor have to click the skip ad button to go to the original page. This is how you can make money with adfly. It pays you for every visitor that click on the adfly link. Advertisers pays to to show their ads on the webpage and pays you to spread the link all over the internet. Adfly is best alternative of and does not pay you to shorten links that’s why I recommend you to use to shorten your links and get paid.
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How to Make Money with Adfly:

Following are the simple steps to get started with Adfly
  1. Sign up for Adfly
  2. Fill out the form to register for FREE account
  3. It may ask you to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email address you entered to sign up
  4. Go to your dashboard, paste a link and shrink it.
  5. Now you have a shorten link which you have to spread over the internet.

How much money you can make:

Well you can earn good amount from adfly. Suppose you get 1000 visitors from United States then you’ll get $8.28 for unique visitors and for United Kingdom you’ll get $4.19 per thousand unique visitors. If you get 10000 visitors a day which is not that hard to achieve you’ll earn around $80 which is pretty good amount for a student. You can see the full chart from here. I have seen many guys earning $100 per day from You can also make money with adfly by referring people, if a person sign up from your referral link you will get 20% of their earning for life! This is the best thing I like about adfly.

Payment Methods:

The minimum payout of adfly is $5. Which means whenever you reached the threshold you can request for a payout. always pays on time you don’t have to wait for long to get paid. The following are the payment method of
1. Paypal
2. Payoneer (Credit Card or Bank Transfer)
3. Payza

Other Tools:

It comes with so many tools to make money with adfly. In the next content I am going to discuss about various tools to use in
Mass Shrinker: it allows you to enter up to 20 URL s per line to be shrink and added to your account.
Multiple Links: it allows Adfly to convert all the links of the page into paid links. You just need to copy and paste the HTML code of a page into the box and it will convert into a new page for you.
Easy Link: what if you don’t have time to shorten your links then you don’t have to worry about it. Adfly makes it easier for you to earn from your blog.
There are lots of tool to discover just go to the dashboard and click on the tools.
By applying these simple steps you can make money with adfly. was founded in 2009 and has more than 3 Million users so you don’t have to worry about scam because it is 100% legit site to earn some money. If you want to add some points or have any confusion feel free to comment I would love to answer your question.

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