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Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

If you want to make a successful website/blog the one thing we need is High Rank in Search engines. Getting high page rank is not an easy way, it needs great struggle and hard work. A few years ago we could easily make a highly ranked blog/website by copying other contents but now Google makes its policies very strict and don’t allow any plagiarism or piracy. Now you have to make a blog on that topic in which you have great knowledge and can create content by yourself. So, for newbies today I am going to share the Top 10 SEO Techniques of 2020 which are highly recommended by pro bloggers for newbies to establish their blog on the internet .

Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

  • Website/Blogger Template: Use SEO friendly blogger template for your blog which is easily available on the internet for a free or simple price. Use a responsive, suitable, fast loading and mobile-friendly theme having all browsers support.
  • Proper Meta Description: Write a short and good 140-160 Characters that will explain your whole story of the article and that will help to grow better in Search Engines Results Page. If you don’t know about this so that red this tutorial Adding a Meta Description to Blogger.
  • Focus on Quality not Quantity: As 2015 you will as focus on the quality of your content foot on the number of your articles. Write articles by yourself do not copy other website contents. Your article must be at least 300 words long and with correct spellings and user friendly. Avoid grammatical mistakes in the article.
  • SEO Friendly URL: Use your blog post each permalink SEO friendly URL. Use the main keywords in the post title in the permalink. Search Engine highlight the URL Keywords, also it’s a boosting signal for the SEO.
  • Image Optimization: Use alt and title tags in all the images. This is also one of the well-known SEO Tricks. See this Optimize Images for Better Search Engine.

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  • Backlinks: Backlinks are a strong asset of your website like a building made by bricks your website also need bricks in the shape of backlinks. Make backlinks by commenting on other blogs, social sharing, and other ways, but never build the backlinks of your website too much fast as it can be marked as spam by Google.
  • Keyword Research: Use Keyword analysis tools to finds relative keywords for your post. It’s very important for choosing the best and high paying keyword for your post. Use the Keyword Planner for better keyword research. Try to use long-tail keywords because they have huge chances to make your website ranked high. Always choose Less Competitive Keywords with high search volume.
  • Guest Posting: Guest Posting is one of the best methods for making quality backlinks. You have to choose some page rank 1,2 or 3 blogs that accept guest posts and write for them. Write article according to your niche and choose your niche friendly websites to post. Simply add a do-follow link to your website in your guest post.
  • Social Bookmarking: Social Media plays a great role in Search engine optimization. Always create a Facebook page for your website and also add a Facebook on your blog/website like box in your sidebar or footer. Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus are the best platforms for promoting your posts and getting huge traffic.
  • Submit To Search Engines: A sitemap is simply a directory of all the pages existing on your site, like a table of contents showing the structure of your blog. Sitemaps help search engines crawl your site and index it properly. Submit your site’s sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Ping Yahoo and search engines to get huge Organic Traffic & get you to post indexed by search engines.

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