Laptop charging each card can be seen in a cylinder; What is it and you know why?

Each card in a cylinder can be seen charging laptops. The cylinder is why you ever thought why? Except that this is no reason to think that there is no cylinder is given. There is a name of the cylinder. This is called pherita bid.

Ferrite-beads-798×350 pherita bid apanaralyapatapatike plays an important role to run smoothly. To move the laptop components, such as hard drives, motherboards, video cards and other radio frequency components produces vibration causes.
In this situation the laptop to protect it from vibrations and harmful radio frequency is used for the cylinder.

It works as a laptop antenna. To use Wi-Fi when it receives the signal continuously, even when the laptop device supports. It is a lot of, like listening to a favorite song together tune of seven.

The magnet inside the cylinder. Iron oxide has been made with the body of the cylinder. Therefore, the cost of a ferry bids from other parts laptop device that prevents the possibility of damages. This type of mobile phone or tablet does not contain any parts of the cylinder, these devices do not have the charger cable.

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