Kingdom era Lords Mobile Apk Download 1.18 (including packet obb file) for Android Apps..

Kingdom era Lords Mobile Apk for Android Apps 
王國紀元 Lords Mobile Apk

Strategy Games App Suggest – kingdom era Apk Download : Lords Mobile App kingdom era is a popular, fun mobile instant war games, this can be carried out simultaneously multiplayer online battle, players play is a lord, in addition to establishing their own outside the kingdom, but also to train a strong army, and captured the enemy’s city, like strategy war game Apk people can download files and obb packet and install to play Kanwo.
[Official Game introduction]
Kingdom era (Lords Mobile) is a multiplayer online strategy game & instant war. You will enter a fantasy world plays a great lord, to establish their own kingdom, trained powerful army, engaged in epic World War. Captured enemy city, captured all legendary heroes, powerful alliances with like-minded players and help each other, and to defeat those who block your enemies dominate the world!
☆ ☆ global elite athletics online
Your opponent will be the elite from around the world, beat all the ambitious expansion disrupt your opponent, lead your country to set foot on the world’s highest honor.
☆ ☆ alliance against an enemy cluster assembly
Join the alliance! And allies its hand country to discuss policy, not when you can build troops and allies launched the Hundred Regiments melee epic to the enemy alliance, the great history created by you!
☆ ☆ building your unique kingdom
Upgrade various functions buildings, walls, construction of scientific and technological research, military training, upgrades hero, picking grain mining everything need great assistance lord, to let your kingdom increasingly robust powerful!
☆ ☆ fighting arms of grams grasp
Arms into cavalry, infantry, archers, catapults, etc., and there are distinctive characteristics of a fatal weakness. As long as intelligence and reconnaissance in place a clear strategy, and in a timely manner with the hero of the Legion of skills, play a nice victory is not far away!
☆ ☆ copy of Uncharted hero raised
All copies of the hero has raised its unique skills and attacks. Adventure hero is born pregnant stunt copies of five teams, will enter Corps War incarnation commanding general super soldier strikes, let the fight be like gangbusters!
☆ ☆ reproduce complete fighting
Siege, attack, attack and defenders are no longer dull text battlefield, but in 3D rendering complete, not only to experience the excitement of fighting and blood, but by fighting to learn to grow! !
Download Instructions:
APK files can be downloaded separately after the installation of automatic update packet from the line.
If you can not automatically update, then you can manually download the package, placed on the file after downloading obb SD card folder in the general common position the following two:
Packet storage address: SD card / Android / Obb / …
Packet storage address: SD card / Android / data / …
◢ game screenshots
王國紀元 Apk
Lords Mobile Apk


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[Game name]: Kingdom era Lords Mobile
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[File Name]:
[File Name]:
Games properties: Free Games (Freeware)
[Run] Platform: Android version Android / iOS [Apple] Games Language: Traditional Chinese / English [the latest version]: 1.18
[File] Size: 246 MB / 13.7 MB
[Store introduction]: the iOS Download (iTunes)
[Store introduction]: the Google Play
[Download]: Packet – Download 1 , Download 2
[Download]: Apk files – Download 1 , Download 2 

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