Is Launch Jacking Worth Your Time?

If you've been in the make money online (MMO) industry for long, you've undoubtedly heard of launch jacking. There are a lot of items addressing this

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If you’ve been in the make money online (MMO) industry for long, you’ve undoubtedly heard of launch jacking. There are a lot of items addressing this issue, but dodgy marketers continue to recycle the same concept and create new goods, making it appear like it’s the next best thing since Squidoo… and we all know how that turned out.


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    The process of jacking is as easy as it looks. Simply rank videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube, etc., and you’re good to go. It’s a kind of search engine optimization that takes traffic away from these platforms and potentially converts potential consumers into buyers.

    You’re undoubtedly wondering if launch jacking works after seeing how many affiliates try it. The answer is yes, it does work.

    Let’s say a new product called “6 Minute Unicorn Profits” is about to be launched in a week. You’ll make a video with a title like, “6 Minute Unicorn Profits Review + HUGE CUSTOM BONUS,” and you’ll optimize it so that it ranks if you follow the launch jacking approach…

    Because the product is still relatively new, there will be little competition for the keyword and you’ll most likely appear on the first page of Google search results when people search for a review of it. This typically occurs when a product is released and there is a lot of excitement surrounding it.

    When people click on your affiliate links and watch your videos, they may just buy the goods through your link and you’ll get a commission. Is it going to last?

    The problem is that most internet marketing products that are hyped up typically burst onto the scene with fireworks and flair that last for a few days or maybe a week at the most. After the hype dies down, very few people look for these goods later on.

    So, in the long run, launching jacked businesses isn’t feasible because you’ll need to keep releasing films for new items. This isn’t a ‘set and forgets’ type of business.

    However, if you direct people to a landing page after uploading a video, you may transform those “short-term videos” into a long-term strategy. You might lose some brief purchases, but in the end, you’ll have a list of individuals with which to market in the future.

    After a customer purchases a product through an affiliate link, JVZoo, for example, allows affiliates to add buyers to their list. You can offer incentives and develop a connection with the client from there.

    To summarize, while launch jacking does have an impact, you may wish to use additional marketing techniques such as product development, niche sites, and so on. In this business, success requires thinking long term.

    Don’t go around looking for penny pieces when there are dollars on the ground. Many beginners find launch jacking fees to be appealing and enthralling, but it is only the start of their journey.

    Many novices become stuck at this point and never advance. However, the experienced ones see it as a stepping stone to greater heights in their marketing journey. Make good judgments.

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