How to View Installed Apps in Windows 10 in Grid Mode]

How to View Installed Apps in Windows 10 in Grid Mode One of the best reasons for upgrading to Windows 10 is that it fixes so many annoyances present in Windows 8. With 8’s dual personalities split between the desktop and Start screen, it was tough to keep track of every program you had installed.

In Windows 10, this improved with the All Apps option on the Start menu — it’s a lot like the All Programs view in Windows 7, but might still be hard to navigate for some. If you want a more straightforward view of all apps you’ve installed, here’s a handy way to do so.

Simply open an instance of Windows Explorer and type Shell:AppsFolder into the navigation bar. In this special folder, you’ll be able to see all of your installed apps — this includes installed software, Modern apps like Money, and Windows tools like the Run menu.
What’s nice about this menu is that you can still right-click on any installed program and interact with it as if you were in the Start menu. Thus, you can uninstall a program, pin it to your Start menu or Taskbar, or create a shortcut.
If you prefer grid views over lists or have an unmanageable amount of software, it’s worth spending some time with this improved view.

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Do you prefer the list view or this alternate grid view for your apps? Let us know if you’ll check out this menu in the comments!

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