How To Make a Highly Compressed File Using Winrar ( No Split Volume ) ( 500mb To 5mb )

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Tutorial For Today 
How To Make a Highly Compressed File Using WinRaR Without Making Split Volume
This Tutorial For Making A Smallest Size Of File Within 500mb To 5mb !! . This Is REAL .
This Tutorial No Need Additional Plugin Or Anything.. No Need KGB Archiver. ( KGB Decompressed Need Many Hour )
You Need :
1 – PC
2 -WinRaR Software ( Whatever Version )
How To Make It :
i – Select On File That You Want To Compressed.
ii – Right Click On The File
iii – Select Add to archive
iv – On The Archive Format Tick RAR. On TheCompression method Select Best. On The Archiving options Tick Create solid archive.
v – Now Go To Advance Tab . Click On TheCompression…
vi – You Will See General compression. Click On TheDictionary size , KB and Select 64.
vii – At The Text , Audio , True color compression , dont change Anything !! Let it Auto.
Lastly , You Just Click OK And Let it Go On..
Time For The Compression Depends on Size Of The File. Large File Mean You Need More Time ..
Iam Sorry Because I Dont Add Any Screenshot . Also Sorry For My Bad English.

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