How to Earn $10,000 in Bitcoin Without Depositing a Penny . gives you the opportunity to make a living playing poker without depositing any btc. We give you more opportunities to win everyday. Following is player Luke’s account of how he is on pace to earn $10,000 worth of bitcoin in a very short time frame. Player Showcase: Luke

Betcoin Thomas: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We noticed that you had built a substantial bankroll without ever depositing or receiving btc from anyone and wanted to take a moment to interview to share your story of success.
Betcoin Thomas: When did you begin playing poker?
Luke: I began playing poker about 20 years ago.
Betcoin Thomas: How often do you play poker?
Luke: The great thing about playing online is you can play daily. I try to play a couple satellites every day though I may spend less then an hour each day playing.
Betcoin Thomas: How did you hear about
Luke: I found out about Betcoin from an online site.
Betcoin Thomas: What are your thoughts about
Luke: is a great site. The number of freerolls and low buy-in added money tournaments are impressive and would rival any other online site. At first I didn’t know how I was going to cash out from the site but now that I have done several cash-outs, I find it easier then many other sites. I set up a bitcoin wallet on my phone which might take just 15 minutes to get the money from betcoin onto the wallet. Then my wallet will transfer my coins to my bank account in 3 days, coinbase charges a 1% fee but still very easy and fairly quick to get the cash.
Betcoin Thomas: You started with zero deposits and have built your bankroll to nearly $10,000 in btc, can you describe how you have done this?

“My goal was to earn $10,000 in one year without ever depositing a penny. So far I have cashed out over $3000 and still have about $3000 left in my account.”

Luke: I began July 1st of this year with a new betcoin account. My goal was to earn $10,000 in one year without ever depositing a penny. So far I have cashed out over $3000 and still have about $3000 left in my account. I started playing freerolls until I won a few dozen pennies. After that I played micro limits until I built up enough money to begin playing low limit tournaments. From there I continued to build my bankroll. The key here is hyper-money management. Obviously if you only have 0.80 mbtc in your account from placing in a freeroll you may have to risk the whole bank roll on a micro limit table. But once you earn a mbtc then you DO NOT jump up to a higher limit table. You stay on the micros until you have quite a bit more and you can move to a higher limit table without ever risking what you have won. At this point I have slowed down the amount of time that I play as the $10,000 almost seems like a lock now and I don’t need to put in the time I did at the beginning. Additionally as a fire lookout my summer and only job, I have plenty of time to play poker at work. Now that I will not work again until the end of next May, I will not be on the computer as much. Kind of counter to how most people think, (If only I didn’t work I could spend more time playing poker) I spend most my time at work playing and don’t play as much when not working.)
Betcoin Thomas: What do you recommend to other players looking to achieve your
Luke: Number
one, become a fire lookout. OK, the real number one is follow what I did above. It can be very boring playing freerolls and then being stuck on the micro limits for awhile but if you can’t win pennies then you shouldn’t play for mbtc. I have a good friend who is a better poker player than I am but he could never do what I have done because he does not have the patience to play small stakes. He has to risk something for it to be fun, I just have to win for it to be fun.
Betcoin Thomas: What is your future in online and or live poker?
Luke: I will continue to play the way I do. I will never get rich playing at the limits I play but then I will never play with my own money either. What I cash out I use to play live tournaments. I will be playing the Pendleton Poker Round-up in Oregon next month, I can play every event with money won online. I suppose if I built up a 6 figure bankroll I would increase my limits but my hyper-money management forbids me from playing anything that could ever possibly cause me to lose all I’ve won.
Betcoin Thomas: Are you able to achieve this type of success at other websites or live?

“Of the bitcoin sites, betcoin gives you the best chance to win at all levels including my strategy.”

Luke: At the same time I started at betcoin I started at another non-bitcoin site with $10, (they do not have freerolls.) I have built that up to $700 however I do not spend as much time on that site as betcoin has far superior offerings. Of the bitcoin sites, betcoin gives you the best chance to win at all levels including my strategy. Last year I won the trip to Punta Cana Poker Classic from winning a satellite into a satellite. In Punta Cana I cashed in that tournament to take home several thousand dollars, not too bad from a $16 satellite win.
Betcoin Thomas: Any last comments you would like to make?
Luke: The biggest thing I can stress is ‘don’t risk your own money.’ Not everyone can do this, but then not everyone should be playing poker either. If there were no losing players then there would be no winning players.
Lastly, one of the first satellites Luke won was to the million dollar gtd tournament where bitcoin history could be made with the winner set to take home 524 btc in winnings which would annihilate the record of 42.56 BTC ($15,429) won by btcblade.
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