How to Do Computer Yoga..

How are your muscles feeling right now? Take a little break. Do computer yoga. It’s very easy, and you’ll be relaxed in just a few minutes. Computer yoga will help to resolve the tension felt in your body. It will calm your mind through meditation and self-questioning. Computer yoga is the office worker’s and writer’s answer to remaining positive through the day; ideally, practicing computer yoga daily will help you to remain positive throughout your daily routine.


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    Move your head and think the mantra “Om” in your head. Turn your head left and right. Forward and backward.
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    Move your shoulders, so that all tensions resolve. Find the way that works best for you. Move forward, and then move another way round. Move with your elbows and think “Om, Om, Om…” And another way round. Think “Om”.
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    Move your spine to the right and left side. The head also. Think “Om , Om, Om… ” in your spine.
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    Move your feet on the ground. Say “Om” in your belly, in your legs, in your feet and in the earth. Concentrate on the whole earth and think the mantra “Earth”.
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    Massage your body from head to feet. Hold your hands together over your head, rub the palms, visualize the sky above you and say the mantra “Heaven”. Feel the light that comes down. Massage the light into your face, your eyes, your ears, your whole body and think “Light, Light…” Fill yourself with light. Move your feet, fill light into the earth and think, “Light…”.
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    Move your hand and send light to your loved ones and to all people. Say “I send light to… May all people be happy. May all the world be happy.”
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    Rub your palms together. Think on the enlightened masters and say, “Om, all enlightened masters, please help me on my way.” Now you can ask a question. Think about your life. What are your goals? What is your way? Hear the answer within you. Feel the answer inside. What is the answer?
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    Put your hands on your legs or your belly. Make your mind calm and think the mantra “Om” in your head, your thorax, your belly, your legs, feet, in the earth and in the whole cosmos. “Om Om Om Shanti Om Peace Om Peace Om Shanti Om Peace…”
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    Stop your thinking for one minute. Simply sit there. Don’t think.

    • What do you have to take in your life? Take it.
    • What is your positive sentence now? What helps you to stay positive through your day and your life? For example, “My positive sentence is: I am optimistic. I follow my way with optimism.”
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    Have fun..!

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