How do you get 1000000 robux for free?

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    go to people type in allchen then go to his place once his place
    get’s 10000 visits their will be a winner. And the winner will get
    some robux/tix.

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    Obtaining Robux in Roblox for free is an illicit practice and should not be used as all methods are scams, such as giving away your account info or installing viruses. If you do see something like that in-game/on-site, make sure to report it.

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    You may be seeing all these adds for “free Robux”. All of that is nonsense I have tried all the “free Robux” websites. None of them work and also if they ask for your password that is a complete SCAMMER. Don’t trust anyone if they ask for your password even if it’s a “good” website that has “good” reviews! If someone has that much Robux… they be waisting there parent mula! 😂

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