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    The Gmail sending limit is the maximum amount of emails you can send in a single day. It prevents senders from sending out an excessive number of emails in a single day.

    Gmail officially states that a standard Gmail account allows you to send 500 emails each day. You can also send over 2,000 emails per day using subscription services such as G Suite (Google Workspace).

    It should be noted that if the Gmail email sending limit is exceeded in any way, your Gmail account may be temporarily suspended.

    If you want to build an email list and make money from affiliate marketing I would suggest that you sign up for an email autoresponder service. An email autoresponder is software that automatically sends an email in response to a predefined trigger event.

    Marketers use autoresponder messages to do the following:

    Passively send important messages to subscribers

    Move leads along the marketing funnel

    Send tailored messages to specific segments of your email list

    Generate income by driving engagement and upsells

    You will get the following benefits by using autoresponse emails in your email marketing strategy:

    Save time. No need to manually send each email to new subscribers.

    Maintain your consumer connections by sending timely, relevant messaging. Move leads through the marketing funnel.

    Maximize opportunities to grow revenue, passively. Follow up on those moments when interest in your brand is at its peak (e.g. offering a discount code in your welcome email)

    If you want to start for free you can use Mailchimp or

    Mailchimp let you have up to 2000 contacts on your list, monthly email send limit is 10,000 sends (a daily limit of 2,000)

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