How can I install Ubuntu without removing Windows??

I need my pre-installed version of Windows 7 (or any other version of Windows), how could I install Ubuntu without erasing it?

The instructions below are for Ubuntu 11.10. Other versions will be similar but might have a slightly different appearance or order. You must make sure that Windows is correctly shutdown (no Hibernation, no Suspend, no Fast Boot) and your NTFS drive is healthy.
  1. Boot from your Ubuntu CD or USB stick. When prompted, choose “Install Ubuntu”.

    Try or Install Ubuntu

  2. Ensure that you meet all the installation prerequisites. Ideally, connect to the internet at this time as well.

    Preparing to install Ubuntu

  3. If you have wireless network hardware and there is an available network, you can (optionally) connect to it at this time.

    Connect to wireless network

  4. Be certain to choose “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows” (or “other operating systems” or other similar wording, depending on your system configuration). This is the important step that will ensure that Ubuntu and windows are both available after the installation.

    Install alongside Windows

  5. Choose how much space to give to Ubuntu and Windows. How much you give each one is up to you.

    Choose drive space

  6. Complete the rest of the installation by setting your timezone and entering information about your computer and yourself.

    Time zone
    Information about yourself

  7. Enjoy the informative slide show while the system installs.

    Slide show

  8. Restart and enjoy Ubuntu!


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