How can I earn money being a student in Bangladesh???

Since my entrance, as a student, to the University of Dhaka, I always had felt an urge to do something for earning money so that I could be less dependent on my family. What I started to do is that I figured out both my skills and my loopholes, and inspected which fields suited my expertise. And I made up my mind on the nail even before I completed my graduation. Now it was all about upgrading and exploring myself, since I believe humans can upgrade at each step of life.

Then, despondency came from in and out of my known circle; but I didn’t look back. I have had my mother’s support. Seven years ago, I managed my first income of BDT 1000 by providing supplementary tutoring on English to one of my neighbour’s fifth grade child. I felt content, really! Then, within a few months, I went for tutoring some juniors from my department at the university whom I thought I could guide. Scopes were now getting broader for me. I began to take English classes at the coaching centres on a regular basis, and got involved with more intensive tasks like the publication of their concerned guide-books and translation jobs. Surely, life also became excessively hectic; I can remember remaining busy at my workplace just during the second last evening before my Masters final exam. (Ah! Lucky I was that I came up with a position among the first ten in the exam!) Even I worked as a freelancer for a very small period of time. 

However, I have always enjoyed every bit of whatever I have done. I have always tried to make myself feel self-supporting at any cost so that I can grow to deal with the world. I began to understand that as long as a human is breathing, he can never be valueless, and that money in the form of earning is very important, even if it is not the most important thing.

To sum it up, if you are a student here in Bangladesh, you always have some constructive options to earn money irrespective of whatever gender and class you belong. Important is which way you choose. You can provide tutoring, you can join a local school as a part-time teacher, you can join a coaching centre as an instructor. Even then you have some other unusual options! I can remember one friend, who was not good at studies, had sound knowledge of computer hardware and software, and he used to repair PCs in exchange of money, and he has his own consultancy farm now. I have also seen my friends around who have been earning money through photographing and online shipping business.

So, being a student in Bangladesh, you can earn money anytime if:

  • You have minimum knowledge of the particular field,
  • You have minimum co-curricular interest,
  • You are ready to take risk and explore yourself.

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