Google Launches .meme Domain names and They are Already Flinch

Google launched a brand new top-level area that we could web page creators throw .meme on the finish in their URL on Tuesday, and I for one am already fearful of the internet sites about to be created.

Web customers can create domain names with .meme beginning lately as a part of Google’s early get admission to length, however it is going to price you additional. The cost drops to its base annual price on December fifth, when the area turns into publicly to be had, however domain names are already getting snatched up. Google says “.meme is right here that will help you lol, unfold concepts and categorical your self,” however my best query is, did somebody ask? I like web tradition and memes up to the following man, however I’m severely fearful of the cringe-y firms who will abuse this top-level area.

We’ve all noticed how huge manufacturers like Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and even the Detroit Lions, have attempted to extend their reputation thru energetic social media campaigns on TikTok and X. Gen Z social media influencers spice up company profiles with the trendiest memes, and sassy attitudes that lead them to really feel extra private. Whilst those are continuously humorous, those manufacturers are commoditizing memes and web tradition. Google’s .meme seems like your next step in that development.

I attempted to create my private web page with Google’s new top-level area, If I sought after to make the web page at the first day of the early get admission to length, I’d need to pay a whopping $12,520 on The cost drops each day till December fifth, when it sort of feels like you’ll pay a extra cheap every year worth for a website title. On the other hand, you could fail to see essentially the most epic domains. I didn’t cough up the $12k, so be at liberty to possess me and buy

Some firms have jumped the gun and already made some internet sites, they usually’re about as horrifying as you’d be expecting. 4 out of ten of them are cat internet sites, together with some old-fashioned favorites comparable to,, and

One of the crucial internet sites, advertising and, tells you to “prevent overpaying for meme media plans” on its house web page, providing products and services to manufacturers taking a look to become involved with meme tradition. The meme advertising and marketing corporate says it’s crucial you “don’t pressure your logo into unrelated conversations,” however that feels like precisely what firms seeking to co-opt a meme is.

All of the thought of Google’s .meme feels disrespectful of meme tradition usually. It doesn’t believe what memes are: ownerless concepts and jokes that originate organically on the web. One of the crucial internet sites,, even gives licensing products and services to possess a particular meme. Companies are unquestionably going to be the objective target market of this top-level area with shameless ploys to commoditize web tradition.

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