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Everyone knows the importance of backlinks for website rankings in search engine results pages (SERP) of Google and other major search engines. More backlinks equals more search engine ranking and traffic. Higher the Page Rank (PR) of the pages linking to your website, better the results.

It is not very difficult to get banklinks to your websites from high PR domains (websites). You can leave comments, guest posts and use social bookmarking. However,  getting links from actual webpages with high PR can difficult (often expensive).
Assume that you create a free blog on, which is a high PR website. You are automatically assigned a new blog on a sub-domain with PR 0. When you try to publish guest posts on popular blogs with high PR, your link appears on a new page with PR 0. Of course, the authority of the high PR website trickles down to your site, but it is only a small fraction of the total link juice.
What if you could get backlinks from high PR webpages? Your websites will get a major surge of link love with links directly on high PR webpages. I am going to share a simple trick that will allow you to get unlimited high PR backlinks to your websites for free. All that you have to do is click.

Get a Tumblr

No not a tumbler! You need an account with, which is a free micro-blogging platform to share images, videos and text.
Use a dedicated email address (not your main email) for registering with Tumblr. Enter a URL for your blog. Use your main keyword as the URL for your Tumblr blog. Try to use dashes to separate the words in your keyword phrase. For example, if your keyword phrase is “learn piano online”, you should keep the Tumblr blog URL as: “learn-piano-online”.
Register your blog and verify your email address to be able to make changes to your Tumblr blog. Now, click on the “Customize appearance”. In the next screen, click on the “Themes” button to open a new screen where you choose the look of the blog. Choose any free theme and activate it by clicking the “Use” button. Now, save and close the theme selection screen. Add the title and description for your blog.  Save and exit.
You will be taken back to the Dashboard where you will see the title of your blog as a link on the top area of the screen. (If you do not rename your blog, the link would read “Untitled”). Click on the blog title link to proceed. After clicking on the blog title link, you will reach a new page with a “Blog Settings” link/button in the right sidebar. Click on it and continue.
The following step makes it possible to get unlimited high PR backlinks from Tumblr. In the “Blog settings” page, check the “Use a custom domain name” option and add the URL of the website for which you want to create backlinks. Please note that you can only add top-level domains (such as or here. The URL should not contain http:// or a trailing slash (/). This will redirect the blog to the domain. As we will not make any changes to our domain “name servers”, our main site will remain unaffected. (Do not make changes to the domain’s name servers as we don’t want Tumblr blog on our website. We just want to trick it for free backlinks to our website.) Once you have entered in your custom URL, scroll down and click on the “Save preferences” button.
Now, it is time to start “liking” and “reblogging” popular blog posts on other Tumblr blogs, which you can explore while logged in. When you like a blog post, your username (which is same as the blog URL that you chose while registering) appears under the page with a no-follow link to your blog (which actually is your website, thanks to custom URL). The real fun begins when you “reblog” posts on other Tumblr blogs. When you reblog a post, your username appears below the post with a do-follow link to your website/custom URL. Now, your objective should be to like and reblog as many blog posts with high PR (for the webpage) and low out-bound links as possible.

Grab powerful links

You need to find blogposts on Tumblr with high PR for the webpage. It is fairly easy. Install SEOQuake and SEO Status add-ons for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. SEOQuake shows the PR and other stats for webpages listed in Google search results. SEO Status shows the PR and Alexa Rank of the webpage active in the browser window. Use SEO Status to explore high PR blog posts on Tumblr directly.
You can also use Google to find high PR webpages on Tumblr blogs. Open and type in this search string: “liked this”. This will list on pages on with the phrase “liked this”. You will get a list of high PR (likely) Tumblr blog posts. Visit the blogs with high PR and reblog them to get backlinks instantly. When you find a blog with a high PR blog post, explore it to find more high PR posts for free high PR backlinks.

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