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Top 5 Free Traffic Exchange Programs that Actually Work

How Traffic Exchanges Work

If you’re already experienced with traffic exchanges and you’re just looking for a list of programs that work, go ahead and skip down to the list. If you only kind of know what one is, or you’re completely ignorant about the concept, read on.

A traffic exchange begins with a central hub site, running software of a specialized kind. Website owners sign up to be a part of this exchange, and their website is added to a list. Another publisher signs up and puts their site into the list as well. This repeats to grow a list of websites as long as the exchange wants it to be. Some of the biggest exchanges involve millions of sites; some of the smallest might only have a few thousand.

Five Top Tier Autosurf Exchanges

  1. Hitleap – Often considered the cream of the crop for autosurf exchanges, this site has a dynamic timer and allows you to change a bunch of options for your surfer, including referrer data and visit length.
  2. Rank Boostup – Another site with a custom timer, this one has configurable referrer data and is integrated with an Alexa toolbar. It also includes geotargeting, for added benefit. Also a .7 ratio.
  3. Otohits – This one also has a custom timer – seeing a trend? – and has a ratio of 1. You can surf using a browser based web app, or you can use a stand-alone program for your surfing.
  4. Elite Autosurf – No custom timer on this one, it’s fixed at 10 seconds, giving you six hits a minute. With a ratio of .5, that means you can earn three credits per minute. They have weekly contests for referrals, though, giving you the opportunity to rake in the traffic.
  5. Twistrix – A ratio o f.6, a custom timer, configurable referrers or a hidden referrer, and they come with weekly contests for actual cash prizes. What more could you want form an autosurf?
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There you have it. These are some of the best exchanges around. I’m sure your favorite may have slipped off the list, and that’s fine; tell me in the comments! I’m always happy to investigate a new traffic exchange to tell you what I think.

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Five Top Tier Manual Exchanges

  1. Legacy Hits – This site has a relatively short timer, at only five seconds. To compensate, it has a credit earning ratio of .3, though it improves the more you surf in a session.
  2. EasyHits4U – Often considered one of the top manual traffic exchanges on the web, it suffers from that popularity in terms of a lack of exclusivity. It has a fifteen second timer and a ratio of 1, hence the popularity. You can also use it for earning money rather than earning traffic.
  3. TezakTraffic – This exchange has an 8 second timer and a ratio of .4, but it specifically has tools for list building and offers cash commissions on referrals who upgrade to premium tier accounts. They also have a unique script, rather than running one of the copies that so many low quality exchanges run.
  4. HitLink – This is the most contest-heavy exchange out there, and a lot of people love it for the sheer gambling potential. A four-second timer and a ratio of 1 give it popularity, and the weekly jackpots, money, and referral contests are all draws.
  5. Lords of Lothar – This is a unique exchange that actually runs an RPG around the traffic exchange. Their ratio is .5 and their timer is 8 seconds, but that’s not the main draw. The draw is the frankly addictive game wrapped around surfing and earning credits.

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