How to add Footer Sticky Ads code in Blogger and WordPress site.

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In this article, I show you how to add Footer Sticky Ads code in blogger and WordPress.

Let’s start.

Features of this Footer Sticky Ads Code

  1. Responsive.
  2. Real-time ads Show.
  3. 100% Safe for Adsense.
  4. With Close Button.
  5. no Adsense Account Ban.

Here are the features of the Footer Sticky Ads Code. You can also use it for Adsense ads show. you can use it in Blogger and WordPress sites.

At first download the code from here. >> Download<<

Footer Sticky Ads Code setup Instruction

1. You can use this Footer Sticky Ads Code on any site like Blogger, WordPress, PHP. Wherever you use it you must insert the code before the body end tag (</body>).

2. Copy your AdSense ads code and paste your ad code in place of <! – Ads Code Goes here ->.

3. Ads size must be 728×90.

4. Adsense ads will take a maximum of 24 hours to show ads.

5. You need to install jQuery on the site or the close button will not work. (do not need in blogger site).

6. Enjoy!

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