Extreme tutorial of computer hacking skills

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to another episode of hacking. How are you? I hope that the grace of God is fairly good. You better be on your side and keep the good ones. Today I bring you again for another tutorial on hacking. This tutorial was created, how you will be hacking a skilled hacker. How do you like that anywhere or set a trap for the other. Also how you can create a FAKE ID folder. With this package you have been free for Linux Hacking CD. There are also a number of software and IP haidim use them. I hope you are with it ebajana from an ordinary computer user will be able to skilled hackers. Its size is a problem, however, is a little bigger. So I gave in part by sharing part, so that the download is not a problem. In English and in another the size of 1024 * 768 pixels.

See a sample of what remains

Bar Tender Information (What they look for)
Birth Certificate
College ID’s
Fake ID Templates
Hologram Information
Fake ID Program
Hacking Simulator Game
Comes With The Game (Plus Updates)
Linux Hacking Videos (Shows you have to do attacks)
128 bit Wep cracking
A long List its over 800 mbs worth of videos
OPH Crack
This is a boot cd that will crack local windows passwords (SAM FILES)
It also can do password files over a LAN
Security Server
A linux Lived Distribution CD
It have a lot of tools you can use for penetration testing
Steganos Internet
This is used to hide your IP address very cool
I used it to help one of my friends who played football win a contest on the internet with his video
There are also a lot more … …

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