Exloader in Wapka Explained Briefly..

What is ex-loader in wapka?

Many many wapmasers in wapka actually don’t know how to use ex-loader, I cab bet that out of 100 people the 90 people don’t even know what is ex-loader in wapka.. What it can do for you and its best or not 🙂 In this post I am trying to give some understanding about this giant, although you won’t understand it in a jiffy but keeping the spirit up, you will know every thing.. Actually, ex-loader is simple tool in wapka to get data from other wapsites though PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression). All this is done by finding the correct line from the action site source code.. With ex-loader you will be able to get data from other wapsites in real time, that means you don’t neeed to update it regularly.. For example, think about Live Cricket Scores 🙂 I hop it will illustrate little bit the feature of ex-loader in wapka, all you hav e to do is work on it day and night and you will get the result..

Where you can find Ex-Loader Feature in wapka?

You can find Ex-Loader feature in wapka by going to ES then Click Ex-Loader, you can add exloader in every page of your site or on selective pages, adding on every page is not recommended though by me because it will slow down your site..

How I use ex-loader in wapka?

You can use it very easil, no skills required but to do complex PERL programming you have to be a master to get the required results.. Just GOTO ES > EX-LOADER to see what you can do in it.. Lets take a note of available fields in ex-loader form..

  1. First is URL field, in this field you need to add URL of wapsite from where you wanted to load data into your site.. You need to add full URL including HTTP:// and its mandatory field, i.e. you can not leave it empty..
  2. The second field is SELECT PART, this field is very interesting to understand as well to use 🙂 For this first see source code of your action site from where you wanted to load data after that chose the required line numbers from source code (I recommend the wapka source code viewer, its better for ex-loader) You will need to insert line numbers that you wanna include in this field.. i.e. I want to get the text HELLO from the other site and the HELLO word is on line number 5 in source code than I will write 5 in this field. To seperate more lines you need to add comma after every line number, i.e. 1,2,5,8,9,56 so on.. If your code is successive lines i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.. you can write 1-7 instead of all line numbers with comma, thats called combination.. Apart from this you can also use PERL codes (I will not explain it here, maybe in new tutorial) The PERL is very complex language and very difficult to understand.
  3. The third box is for HTML tags selector.. Now for what this field is? Actually you can write HTML tags here separated with comma to only get text in between those code. For example, in our line 1 we have also b tag and a tag but we only want a tag, if you left this field empty you will get both but if you wrote a you will get only a tags HTML links.. Any more questions can be wrote in comments, I will answer!
  4. Now The fouth field is to add Browser or user agent.. Now I will explain it a example.. See, many people has many mobiles these days, someone has Iphone, someone has simple etc etc.. Now this field lets you option to declare the browser type so that source code should be parsed accordingly.. If you like I can share the best user-agent code that can make things better for all, this code has support for all browsers and even for PC browsers 🙂 You can add one or two browser agents in this field no restriction apart from the wapka site..
  5. The fifth field is the selector allows you to select the loading interval.. You can set the loading interval to which the ex-loader should update its data.. For example, Direct Access the ex-loader will load data every time its called, every new change in action site will be updated in your site immediately in seconds, but it slows your site little bit because every time user visits your site ex-loader is loaded first.. If you selected 2h, 4h etc then the x-loader will update data after the set interval of 4 hours or 2 hours, so it will ease the slowness of your site little bit.. In the selector 24h means the data will be updated once in every day.
  6. The other fields are same as other wapka forms and should be understandable, I don’t see any reasons to introduce them here 🙂 But at the end of this form you will find two buttons first is TEST and is there to test your loading before you addd it so it make life more easier and the other is there to simply add your new stuff to wapka..

Uffffff, I have explained many things about ex-loader but thats not all Ex-Loader is something that you will not understand that much easily, hard work is the answer.. Try it again and again and learn it that way.. if you need further help just coment below and I will be there to help you in your problem..

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