Digital Generation!: Money in Auto-Pilot!

Digital Generation is a site where you can earn from 1$ day to 100$ day in Auto-Pilot, only by leaving your computer working. With Payment proof!
How it works:
This site works using your computer. After registration you will have to download a simple software. That software will use about 2% of your CPU to work like a serverhost.
For each thread you will earn 1$ day just by leaving you computer working.
Check here how to register:
  1. Register
  2. Verify your account via phone (SMS TEXT) in profile section
  3. Send ticket to trial department or talk to an admin in chat (red users) and ask for trial thread
  4. Run program and start earning
After joining you will receive 1 free thread that expire after one month. That thread will generate 1$ each day, 1$ x 30 days = 30$
And those 30$ are yours to withdraw. If you want you can withdraw whatever amount you want. It’s instant.
The more threads you have the more you earn. The thread lifetime is 12 Months. Only the trial thread (first month) expires after one month.
How much can I earn?
Well the earnings depends on how much threads you have. Take a look at this picture to understand.
In first month you get the trial thread. With that trial thread you will make 30$ in one month.
With those 30$ free you can buy another thread.
Buying thread costs 50$ each. So you use those 30$ to buy the new thread.
50$ – 30$(trial thread)= 20$
This 20$ thread have 12 Months lifetime. So with only one thread you will earn 90$ after 3 months160$ after 6 months and 365$ after 12 months.
How do I get my Money?
You can get your money anytime you want. All you need to do is fill out a fund withdrawal request on your account management page. After your request is reviewed, the entire requested amount will be transferred to the bank account you indicated when you first registered. You can withdraw to Paxum, Payza, Perfect Money, Bank Account, Credit Card, and EGOPay
Are there any restrictions I should know about?
The only restriction that can have an effect on your income is the processing power of your computer. The processing capabilities of your computer create a hard limit on the number of Threads you can run. No other restrictions exist. You can check the processing power and the number of Threads your computer can run using this utility on our site.
About the software:
You likely already have programs like Windows Media Player, FireFox and Microsoft Office. This Program isn’t different from any other program. It’s as easy to install as any other program and its completely harmless. The program works automatically, and will not interfere with other programs at all. It also won’t bother you with annoying pop-ups. You won’t even notice a difference in your computer’s performance after you install our program. In fact the only thing you will notice because of our program is the increased size of your wallet.
This software is completely harmless. You can check this with any anti-virus program you wish. Our program will fit normally into the processor queue, it will not effect your overall system performance. In effect the program works independently, preforms only one specific function, which is to use your computers spare processing power as a chain of computers all working towards a single goal. By using distributed processing we are able to increase processing efficiency. This makes our super-computer one of the most powerful in the world, of a type not found elsewhere in the world.

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