Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Information

You’ll be able to steadily be weeding out treasure in Hogwarts Legacy, as the entire map holds many hidden ruins, hamlets, caves, and extra. Leaving those puts unexplored would imply you’ll be lacking out on a large number of alternatives.

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Within the facet quest, ‘Cursed Tomb Treasure’, you’ll be able to obtain a map that may lead you to a hidden treasure chest. However, you will have to first decipher this map to search out the place you’ll be able to wish to head subsequent.

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Find Manor Glen

Image of the location on the map of the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

To start out the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest, you will want to make your solution to the West Manor Cape Floo Flame within the southern house of the map. The hunt might be northeast of right here, within the Manor Glen house proven above.

Image of the area underneath Manor Glen in Hogwarts Legacy.

When you arrive on the broken-down house, head down the steps and input throughout the again front. Then, take a left and pass down the steps into the basement. At the left might be a door you’ll release with Stage 3 Alohomora. As soon as within, head down the hallway into the ground flooring and defeat the Inferi that seem within the house.

Image of the treasure map found in Manor Glen in Hogwarts Legacy.

Whilst you’ve defeated all of them, make your method left into the following room and end off the following workforce of Inferi. Then, head ahead throughout the doorway at the left. There might be two primary enemies on this room, Lord of the Manor and Ailsa Travers. Whilst you’ve effectively defeated them, you’ll be able to in finding a chest at the proper facet of the room that accommodates a map of the above symbol.

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Tomb Of Treachery

Image of the Tomb of Treachery on the map in Hogwarts Legacy.

The purple X at the map depicts the site of the Tomb of Treachery, proven above. Use the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame to reach right here, and head throughout the underground location.

Image of the first room in the Tomb of Treachery in Hogwarts Legacy.

As you’re making your method within, stay heading instantly till you succeed in the room with a tomb and a few bones within the center. To the left of right here, you’ll be able to realize a trail blocked through a spider internet. Use the spell Incendio or Confringo to spoil it, after which head down via right here.

Image of the golden door in the Tomb of Treachery in Hogwarts Legacy.

This room can have a couple of spiders you’ll be able to wish to defeat. Whilst you’ve accomplished so, you’ll be able to realize a golden door simply forward with 3 lacking butterflies. You’ll be able to wish to in finding those 3 butterflies and go back them to the door with a purpose to open it.

Image of a box being used as a stool to reach a top floor in the Tomb of Treachery in Hogwarts Legacy.

To begin, spoil down the spider internet at the left and head down this trail. You’ll be able to realize a field at the left facet of the room that you’ll use Wingardium Leviosa on to transport it in entrance of the massive ledge and succeed in the highest flooring. There might be a butterfly up right here that you’ll draw in the use of Lumos, after which you will want to go back to the principle room and produce it to the golden door.

Image of a butterfly used to open a golden door in Hogwarts Legacy.

The closing two might be situated within the room to the suitable of the golden door. One might be overtly to be had to you, so you’ll be able to simply wish to use Lumos to draw it and produce it again to the golden door. For the opposite one, simply spoil the spiderweb the use of Confringo or Incendio after which use Lumos to carry it to the door. It is going to then release, permitting you into the general room.

Image of the solution to the puzzle in the Tomb of Treachery in Hogwarts Legacy.

Defeat the Inferi within right here, after which paintings at the puzzle in the course of the room. From the treasure map you got, it is important to turn over 3 of the stones at the floor the use of the spell Flipendo to as it should be whole the puzzle. Face the reverse facet of the doorway from which you got here, and turn over the 3 stones proven above. You’ll be able to then obtain your prize for effectively finishing the search.

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